Summer holidays with Tesco Clubcard Summer Boost

Summer holidays with Tesco Clubcard Summer Boost

We’re into June, which means summer is here and the time is right to start planning for the holidays.  Ok, it’s England, thunder storms and heavy showers are forecast, but we’re British, we can plan for all eventualities can’t we.  Let’s face it, we do get plenty of practice. I’m planning my summer holidays with Tesco Clubcard Summer Boost, so I can get as much for my money as possible!

Summer holidays with Tesco Clubcard Summer Boost

When I’m planning for the summer holidays; whether it be for a trip abroad, a staycation or days out, I like to have a range of coordinating clothes.  Things that are easy to pack, don’t crease easily and are comfortable to wear.

Summer holidays with Tesco Clubcard Summer Boost

Comfy, lightweight trousers are a must for me.  Whether I’m exploring new locations, going for a gentle stroll or den building in the woods, something practical is a must. These F&F Poplin Cropped Cargo Trousers are just perfect.

Summer holidays with Tesco Clubcard Summer Boost

Should we actually get some nice weather this summer then vest tops are a great addition to any suitcase and can be worn over swimwear or under a lightweight cardi for cooler evenings.

These F&F Jersey Vests are a must for me, and take up no room at all in a case, so why not have 2!

Summer holidays with Tesco Clubcard Summer Boost

As much as I’d love to dance the night away, my old knees just won’t cope with it these days.  So comfy shoes are a must, as we’re always out walking.  Something smart but practical and obviously in blue (this is me after all!).  These F&F Brogue Slipper Pumps would be fine for both daytime and evening wear, again, I’m thinking of the space in my case.

Summer holidays with Tesco Clubcard Summer Boost

When the sun is shining I’m always telling my son he needs to wear a sunhat and preferably UV protection sunglasses too.  I certainly need them and like to lead by example with these F&F Cat Eye Sunglasses.

Summer holidays with Tesco Clubcard Summer Boost

Now I do have a bit of a ‘thing’ for handbags and holidays are no exception.  I don’t mind having a large bag full of family paraphernalia during the daytime, I obviously multi task as the family packhorse.  But sometimes it’s just nice to have a small ‘me’ bag.  A bag just big enough for a purse, phone and keys. This F&F Striped Woven Cross-Body Bag is just the ticket.

Summer holidays with Tesco Clubcard Summer Boost

I’m a bit of a perfume find too, and always like to have a couple of choices when I’m on holiday, Eternity is a holiday favourite.

Summer holidays with Tesco Clubcard Summer Boost

I’m always worrying about Monkey in the sunshine and protecting his delicate skin.  I’m lucky, that he’s always been fine with wearing suntan lotion and this Ambre Solaire Resisto Colour Spray is factor 50 and easy for him to apply himself.  Leaving me with one less thing to stress about!

Summer holidays with Tesco Clubcard Summer Boost

Keeping the kids amused during the holidays can be stressful too can’t it.  I’ve found the perfect accessory for my Monkey.  This Summit Adventures LED Animal Headlight Torch was made with him in mind.  Whether we’re den building, camping in the back garden or going on a bear hunt, this will certainly entertain him, and ease my stress levels.  It even comes with batteries!

Summer holidays with Tesco Clubcard Summer Boost

Finally, all good holidays have to involve a picnic at some point don’t they.  This easy to store and carry Family Fleece Picnic Blanket is ideal for summer adventures.  It’s got a weatherproof lining too which is always a bonus.

Summer holidays with Tesco Clubcard Summer Boost

So that’s my summer sorted – no stress, and all available with the Clubcard Boost, for extra savings.  If you have a Tesco Clubcard (I have their Credit Card which doubles up as a Clubcard too) you earn points as you shop and earn clubcard vouchers.  Your points can be boosted from now until 28th June – £5 worth of points can be Boosted into £10 to spend on items online or in store featuring the Clubcard Boost sign.  A whole host of items are included to take the stress out of summer.  Just check the website for full details.

I’m a big fan of Clubcard Boost and always like to grab a bargain, whether I’m looking for birthday and Christmas present ideas or planning for sunnier days ahead.

disclaimer:  I was sent the items mentioned in exchange for my honest thoughts.


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107 thoughts on “Summer holidays with Tesco Clubcard Summer Boost

  1. Plan lots of activities for indoors and outdoors and look for free local events that you can go to.

  2. I always make sure I have plenty of craft activities planned and new garden toys to keep my two entertained whatever the weather

  3. If you go out, make sure to bring plenty of water and spf with you, wherever you go 🙂

  4. Look out for lots of discount vouchers online and in local magazines – for things to do,see and eat x

  5. Plan in advance so that you are prepared with the sun cream and sun hats when the weather is nice.

  6. check the weather forecast before setting off. Take plenty of bottled water and sandwiches. Take wet gear and avoid traffic queues 😀

  7. write lists, I am just preparing for a weekend break with my 3 kids, we are travelling by train and my youngest is just 2 months old, must be mad!

  8. Lists galore, and don’t leave the packing til the last minute. And put out what you think, then remove a few items – you never need as much as you pack.

  9. Start writing a list a couple of weeks before you go so you can add if you think of anything you may need

  10. Create a Pinterest board and use the maps feature to plan all the places you want to visit while you’re away

  11. Buy your sun tan lotion in the sales the previous autumn, it is quite expensive and this can save you a lot

  12. always make a list when packing a suitcase of what you need, that way you will never leave out essentials!

  13. i buy lots of garden games/toys in the end of season sale, and put them away for the following summer

  14. Plan ahead, plan for wet days and don’t think spending a lot of money = happier kids, they’re more than happy with a play at the park/picnic!

  15. I hit Tripadvisor for fun ideas. We pick a location and then find the top activities and then choose which one to visit

  16. simple really-expect the unexpected!! I have come to realise this as a mum of 3 (11, 8 & 7) 🙂

  17. Lists, lists and more lists! amazing range of holiday lists/day trip list templates online that can be amended to meet your individual needs 🙂

  18. Keep an eye on the weather and plan appropriate activities for then. Have a collected of indoor craft stuff that uve collected in the approaching weeks and make sure ur also stocked up on paper, pens, paints etc.

  19. mine is dont panic, just enjoy it, if you plan too much and something goes wrong it will ruin the day, just take it as it comes and have a laugh 🙂

  20. I had to read it four times before it made sense – I kept reading tip as trip and couldn’t work out what on earth the question was! More sleep required….

    Anyway, my best holiday planning tip is to be organised, make lists and start well in advance – don’t scrabble around at the last minute!

  21. I like to have a summer plan of fun on the beach and picnics and walks with my son and also days out where we can visit libraries and museums.Very often libraries hold childrens events in the holidays so I will write these all down on a summer planner to refer to.

  22. Make sure you have childcare/activity or have booked annual leave for every day or you may find yourself having to take unpaid leave and upsetting your boss!

  23. try to work out bills so they are paid bbefore the main summer holiday start especially foe school children so you can have some pocket money for them to have a good time when you go onday trips out and relax so everybody can have a happy day

  24. We never plan to far in advance, you never know what our great British weather will do

  25. For days out try to find places with both indoor & outdoor attractions so it won’t matter if the weather suddenly shifts!

  26. Allow plenty of time for packing and preparing, writing lots of lists ! Take the list with you, so you make sure you bring everything back !

  27. I actually think its good to be spontaneous, see what the weather is like on the day then make the most of it when its sunny.

  28. Plan ahead as far in advance as possible making sure you have different options mapped out for very hot or very wet days too (they don’t have to be complicated!).

  29. Be organised in advance, but don’t have too rigid a plan, or try to fit too much in. Leave time to chill out and go with the flow.

  30. If going out for the day, check the weather forecast for appropriate clothing and venue – take a picnic lunch, which can save a lot of money – have a general plan, which is flexible – go with the flow, relax and enjoy…

  31. I set up an alarm on my phone to make sure I remember the important things e.g. tablets, money, keys etc.

  32. Buy your toiletries & sun lotions gradually as opposed to all in one go – then it doesn’t seem like such a big expense !

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