Taking me back in time

I’m linking this post to Magic Moments and What’s the Story? this week as it fits both (well in my opinion anyway!) Here’s the photo that got me thinking, remembering, smiling.  Taking me back in time … Father and Son, Taking me back in time Father and Son, Taking me back in time

As you may remember from a couple of previous posts, I’m ever so slightly obsessed by Formula One and it’s a family affair.  Me, my Dad, my brother and my nephew all love Formula One.  Unfortunately, for the sack of family harmony we don’t support the same teams and drivers!  But we all love the sport.

This photo was taken at the British Grand Prix this year at Silverstone.  It’s a photo of my brother and my nephew.  I love this photo, it takes me back in time, probably back well over thirty five years, to a scene where I watched my Dad and my brother, more likely to have been at Brands Hatch in those days.  Watching two fans, a father and a son, a magic moment.

Not only did I win my ticket so I could share the day, and that moment with them, not only did Felipe Massa sign my Ferrari top for me, but my nephew got Sergio Perez to sign his top, the top I’d bought him for his birthday. It was a good weekend all round for our family. Taking me back in time – happy memories 🙂



18 thoughts on “Taking me back in time

  1. Good picture. I’ve never been to a race, but used to watch them on TV until BBC lost the rights to show all the races.

    I was delayed getting to work this morning by the three large Williams lorries heading south. I’ve never thought about how they moved all their kit, but I suspect there were many more lorries to follow.

    1. I think they all take 3 lorries each and then the motor homes – I often see them chugging up and down the M40. Getting everything to the long haul races must be a task and a half!

  2. Sounds like a great day out – I love formula 1, but have never been lucky enough to go!

  3. Great post 🙂

    I’ve been to a couple of GPs and my brother & I used to go to testing and Jordan events at Silverstone several years ago. Great atmosphere, out of the question with my migraines and vertigo nowadays so I have to be an armchair spectator!

  4. What a great post and photo. We’re F1 fans too and my OH works for the Lotus team. Lucas has started watching “the cars” with Daddy and nothing gives Lec more pleasure at the moment to sit with his boy cheering Kimi – really related to this post 😉

    1. Oh I used to work with someone whose husband is there and a friend’s husband used to be on their pit crew and got Monkey a signed Alonso photo for his 1st birthday – amazing present. I do have a soft spot for Kimi, I like a rebel!!

  5. That’s quite funny you don’t support the same team and drivers although there’s no reason you should! It’s wonderful that that photo reminds you of your dad and brother at Brands Hatch, what a fantastic memory. It’s incredible you have Massa’s signature on your Ferrari top and your nephew got Perez. Just brilliant. Thank you for sharing with #whatsthestory

  6. I love F1 thanks to my dad but have only ever been once and my memory os of our car getting stuck in the mud in the car park – not as good as yours!!

    1. Hee hee, been to Silverstone and Brands Hatch plenty of times in the rain – far more common. The good thinga about getting there at silly o’clock is we always manage to wangle a spot in the normal carpark. We did get absolutely soaked to the skin one year and had little ponds in our camping chair seats.

  7. My brother loves it too, but for some reason I watched it and never found it that exciting. I think its great to have something you can enjoy as a family!

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