Ten Years in Spain

Ten Years in Spain

Today my parents are celebrating ten years in Spain.  It’s hard to believe that today ten years ago my ex drove us to Luton airport, and with my brother we waved my parents off on a new adventure.  A new life, in a different country, no longer a 15 minute drive away.

Ten Years in Spain

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried when they left.  Forget the tears, there were lots of those once we’d seen them disappear through to the security clearance!  Would they be ok, would they settle, would they be happy, would it be the dream they wanted?

I was  and am also extremely proud of them; they’d gone to college to learn Spanish before they left and would end up settling, not in an English ex-pat community but inland, in a small town in rural Spain.  A town where English wasn’t spoken – they really did have to make friends and become part of the local community.

In the last ten years in Spain, I visited often and they’ve shown me some wonderful places in Andalucia.  We’ve enjoyed trips to Sevilla, Ronda, Cadiz, got soaked to the skin literally, enjoying my birthday in Cordoba.  They’ve watched patiently as I’ve taken hundreds of photos in Granada, Italica and Grazalema.

Ten Years in Spain and so much has changed, especially in my personal life.  I’m sure it’s been very hard for them at times.  They might have been a flight away, but it was still Dad who said, just book a flight, when my marriage failed and I needed my parents, a home from home.  They forgave me when I woke up the next day covered in chickenpox.  I don’t think Mum had ever expected to be my nursemaid again at the age of 39!

Ten Years in Spain and another son-in-law! Then a few months later, another grandson!

Ten Years in Spain

They’ve both celebrated their 70th birthdays in Spain.  They are generally in good health – and long may that last! Ten Years in Spain and there have been lots of happy times.

I’m happy for my parents that they are living their dream.  Of course, I’d give anything for them to be one junction up off the motorway. I miss the cups of tea, chats and hugs.  Of course I do, there are many things that we all miss with them living where they do.  But they are living the lives they want to lead, so I can only be happy for them.  It’s not often that the child watches the parents fly the nest, but that’s what happened to us.

Ten Years in Spain, congratulations Mum and Dad (are you crying yet Mum?? – yes, they do read the blog) and I wish you many more, happy and healthy years to come.

In this day and age we often live far away from our parents and I’m luckier than some. They are only a few hours away on a plane.

Do you have parents living in a different country?

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  1. That is quite a lot of change over the ten years isn’t it! And you’ve had the opportunity to enjoy some great travel too-I love Seville (funnily enough I remember getting absolutely drenched there-water cascading along the streets like rivers.) I can imagine it must feel like a long way away sometimes though.

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