Tesco Clubcard Christmas Boost

Tesco Clubcard Christmas Boost – a review and giveaway

I’m a big fan of the Tesco Clubcard Christmas Boost.  I have a Tesco credit card which doubles up as a Club Card, and I build up my points during the year to spend on days out or to exchange at this time of year for presents for friends and family.  With Monkey’s birthday also in December, the scheme is a great way to save some pennies too!

I think my most popular Tesco Clubcard Christmas Boost purchase was the JCB Tractor Pedal Ride-On With Trailer & Scoop that we got for Monkey.  It has been much loved and I’ve noticed it’s available this year too – bargain!

Tesco Clubcard Christmas Boost

The Tesco Clubcard Christmas Boost is running again this year and you can double up your clubcard points (minimum of £5.00) to spend on items both in store and online.  You can read all about the scheme and how it works in this booklet.

The departments that are part of the scheme this year are: Toys and Bikes, Christmas Trees, Lights and Decorations, Gaming, Clothing, Health and Beauty Gift Sets, Phones and Accessories, Electrical, Cook, Dine and Home, Opticians and hudl2 Tablets and hudl Accessories.

My 8-year-old god-daughter has just discovered Lego Friends so I’ve found my first saving already with this set.   When you search through the categories just check which products are included in the Tesco Clubcard Christmas Boost – this will now cost me less than £12 in Clubcard points.

Tesco Clubcard Christmas Boost

Monkey may want to get his teacher and key workers a little Christmas gift this year now he is in Reception.  I can see the Tesco Clubcard Christmas Boost coming in handy as we look through the Ladies Gift Sets.  He might select the Extracts Bath & Body Basket; already reduced to £5.00 but with clubcard boosts this would go down to £2.50 – buy 3 and that’s school sorted!

Extracts Bath & Body Basket

We have a lovely neighbour who is always looking out for Monkey.  It would be nice to get something for her this Christmas to say thank you.  She loves photographs so I’ve been thinking that maybe a nice photo frame would be a good idea.  Then I saw the Tesco Silver Whispy Frame – perfect and it has a Christmas feel to it too.

Tesco whispy frame

Of course the hardest person we have to buy for is Daddy P – the workaholic who has no time for hobbies.  Aargh! Well Tesco Clubcard Christmas Boost have come to the rescue again.  He is a creature of habit and hasn’t quite joined the 21st Century, it’s time to upgrade his razor blades for this I think!  The Braun Series 3 340s-4 Rechargeable Wet & Dry Foil Electric Shaver will only cost me £24.50 using my Tesco Clubcard Christmas Boost!

Tesco Clubcard Christmas Boost

Apparently I’m very hard to buy for too according to my husband.  I refute this claim totally.  I’ve heard lots of good things about the hudl2 Tablets and I’m seriously tempted to double up some of my clubcard points and give Daddy P a very strong hint to click on the Boost now button! (They even come in blue – enough said.

So if you are scratching your head about what on earth to buy family and friends this year for Christmas, or that awkward Secret Santa then let the Tesco Clubcard Christmas Boost take the stress out of shopping.  I love it! Just remember to Boost your vouchers by 14th December and use them by 24th December – simple.

disclaimer:  I am being compensated for this post, but I genuinely love the Tesco Clubcard Christmas Boost and my comments are my own honest opinions.


Now I can also share a bit of happiness with you my readers and offer one lucky reader 500 Tesco clubcard points (worth up to £20).  Please note that these clubcard points would appear on your February Clubcard statement and you will need a clubcard to make use of this giveaway prize.  Just complete the Gleam form below for your chance to win! Good luck everyone.


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The giveaway will close on 12th December 2014 at midnight.

500 Tesco Clubcard points worth up to £20.00

323 thoughts on “Tesco Clubcard Christmas Boost – a review and giveaway

  1. I always use my clubcard vouchers for double up, either for Christmas or days out. This year I am hoping it will pay for all the Lego my boy wants for Christmas, and maybe a little left over to get Dad something!

  2. Yes I will, and I’ll get something for my mum. Haven’t decided what though as she’s difficult to buy for.

  3. I didn’t have enough points to be able to use Clubcard Boost this time, so I just spent the points on my normal shopping

  4. Not the Boost, but I’ve tripled my points I’ve been saving and have nearly £200 to spend at Goldsmiths…I want to replace my diamond earrings I lost.

  5. I’ve already boosted to buy my son two t-shirts he will love to find in his stocking. I will be boosting again before Christmas – possibly on a nice jumper for me!

  6. Boost saved my bacon last year as the kids all want electronics and this means I can afford them. Same again this year!

  7. Love the club card boost scheme! I use it every year for extra pressies and this year we had enough points for a trip to Drayton Manor for Thomas land which was amazing!!!!!

  8. I will not be using my clubcard points as I have so little. I have only recently started shopping with Tesco so still have a long way to go before i can think of using it although I have bought a few prezzies from Tesco Direct this year for my children

  9. As there is only me and my daughter i dont earn masses of Tesco points but i have saved what i have gained and will be putting them towards treats for my niece

  10. I don’t know as I have never boosted before – but I have just received my points and have managed to save quite a lot this year so will def be looking into it

  11. I have brought PJ’s and a dressing gown for my son. He has to wear them to school for Children In Need and I realised how awful his ones look.

  12. I won’t be using the boost as don’t have enough points this year, but will make sure I save my points over the next year.

  13. Yes – Already have this week to buy a new Mobile Phone for my partner as a special surprise for christmas xx

  14. Unfortunately I used all my coupons and vouchers to save money on my weekly shop and only have £3 left so cant use on boost as I need £5 to do that.

  15. I probably will – but not sure what on yet or for who – I always try to make the most out of them though

  16. I already did a couple of days ago, I bought presents for my nephew and my cousin’s little girl (toys and clothing).

  17. I will be using the boost. I will be buying for close family only as the pennies need to fix my broken car

  18. I think I will be using some of ours on the beauty gifts as I want to make up some nice bath hampers for my Mum and MIL

  19. I always think I will because its such a great deal… but in reality.. I will probably keep them saved towards my yearly merlin pass.

  20. No as I haven’t got enough vouchers as spent them earlier in the year. Shame really as would love the Hudl2.

  21. My two boys will get a Cinema trip or three out of this for free (they can take their friends along too so that always goes down well!) while my two little girls love the Lego Friends sets, Clubcard boosters are fab for Christmas time 😉 x

  22. yes I will be but buying restaurant vouchers as having a lot of family to come and stay and planning to go out a lot xx

  23. No, I keep them for our summer holiday and use them on a Thomson Al Fresco caravan in the south of france

  24. Just used all our vouchers up on getting a Tesco Hudl which is what I’m typing on now (love it!). Normally they get spent on toys for my LO!

  25. No I don’t tend to use the clubcard boost, I just use the vouchers as normal to get money off my groceries.

  26. I accumulated £110 in Tesco points, so I doubled the lot in the Toy department online. I had £220 to spend on toys – Christmas was sorted!

  27. I’m gonna be using Clubcard Boost this year, I’ll be using it to get something for my youngests birthday as we’ve done out xmas shopping already!

  28. I think I will but for a toaster and kettle so we’ll all benefit although it’s not terribly glamorous.

  29. Probably not as we only have a Tesco Metro near us, I do have my Clubcard vouchers saved for Christmas though – they will be spent on food treats for the family ;o)

  30. Not this year, I don’t have enouch points. But I am saving for next year to buy something special for my partner 🙂

  31. Yes I will be using Clubcard Boost this Christmas and I shall be buying for myself as I need a few items replacing.

  32. I have boosted into the gaming section and bought a PS4 game for the hubby. Should keep him quiet enough for me to hit the sales in peace, ha.

  33. I don’t think I will be – you get better value using partner rewards so I always use mine for Halfords Autocentre, free MOT/service 🙂

  34. I’m not sure how to use the boost points I’ve only just registered for tesco like 2 months ago lol ! I will use my points to buy for my son an family at christmas x

  35. id love to say i would treat myself, but, who am i kidding, it will be spent on my 3 year old princess, who is loving Playdoh at the mo, so ill prob buy that, and some Sophia the First figures i spotted in there last week x

  36. I’ve just moved house and used my clubcard boost for new dinnerware and a toaster plus 12 months groceries deliveries.

  37. already used Clubcard Boost to buy a graphic calculator for my daughter who is doing her A levels. as they are expensive, I was really glad of the help 🙂

  38. I didn’t know about it, but hopefully I will use it next year. I will be buying for my family.

  39. I just doubled up in store to buy clothes for Christmas presents ( I kept one £5 back for the cinema though!)

  40. Yes we use club card boost wherever we can- it’s such a good idea! We’ll be getting as many gifts as we can there- my husband needs a new pair of glasses too, so we’ll be using our vouchers for those too!

  41. I won’t be using it this year because I don’t have enough saved but I’m planning on using it next year

  42. I wont be using the Clubcard Boost as I haven’t got enough points to make it worthwhile. However, I did use a similar deal earlier in the year to replace my fridge/freezer which had stopped working

  43. didn’t use it this year -s aving up for next year. Did buy myself a new satnav last year though 🙂

  44. I like to save up my Tesco points and buy a knitting magazine subscription.I bourght a hoover with leftover points aswell this year

  45. I won’t have many points to spend this Christmas. So I will just buy a bit of food shopping to help my daughter out

  46. We will probably just save them and use next year. Its a shame they didn’t do it for the frozen food again as that was excellent last year 😀

  47. My clubcard points automatically convert to Virgin airmiles so I never get the chance to double up! Maybe I should change it! 🙂

  48. I haven’t done the boost this year, instead put my vouchers to one side ready for week before Christmas to buy food shop xx

  49. have used them already and used last year managed to get all my niece and nephews presents and a couple of birthday presents for friends parties that my daughter has been invited to

  50. Not this year, not doing Christmas like most others as not been well for couple months so just relaxing at home with my family coming to stay

  51. I used it recently to get tickets to take my little one to Wipsnade – fantastic day out & such good value! I’m back to saving up again now so won’t be able to spend any over Christmas.

  52. I have used Tesco Clubcard Boost to buy some toys for my youngest daughter and also for a Hudl2 for my husband 🙂