The Alphabet Photography Project P is for Piglets

The Alphabet Photography Project P is for Piglets #alphabetphoto

Week 16 of PODcast‘s linky The Alphabet Photography Project and this week we are up to P.  Last year I picked P is for Parents, but what to pick for this year?  With all the internet connection issues I’ve been having lately, Patience might have been a good one, if I was a patient kind of person! I then thought of Petals, but having spent ages trawling through my photos I was struggling to find just one photo and then I saw the photo. The Alphabet Photography Project P is for Piglets!

The Alphabet Photography Project P is for Piglets

I have a soft spot for piglets, it always amazes me that they grow into such big pigs.  This photo especially I adore, the little runt trying to keep up with their brothers and sisters. The photo was taken at the Cotswold Farm Park when we visited last summer and I remember looking at this little group with Monkey for ages.

Probably best not to think about where they might have ended up, I’m hoping they are still at the farm, but then I do like my bacon!

What are your favourite baby animals?



6 thoughts on “The Alphabet Photography Project P is for Piglets #alphabetphoto

  1. Your heart goes out to the runt at the back. And you’re right, probably best not to think. At least they make a good photo. The fields around us are full of lambs at the moment. When we walk to school, they follow us up the lane. On the other side of the fence, I should add! So I guess I have a soft soft for them. #AlphabetPhoto

  2. Lucas says – They are so cute, especially the tiny one and shhhhh I like bacon too!!!! #alphabetphoto

  3. Have to say, I do love piglets, they are adorable. I’m also a vegetarian, so I very much hope they are still on the farm 🙂

  4. It is a quandary being a carnivore and loving how beautiful our animals are. They’re lovely but I do now want a bacon sarnie! 🙂

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