The Alphabet Photography Project S is for Sandcastle

The Alphabet Photography Project S is for Sandcastle #alphabetphoto

Week 19 of PODcast‘s linky The Alphabet Photography Project and this week we are up to S.  Last year I had an obvious choice for us – S is for Spain.  To be honest, its thoughts of Spain that has led me to my choice for this year too.  The Alphabet Photography Project S is for Sandcastle, and this one was taken on our trip to Roses in Catalunya last September.

The Alphabet Photography Project S is for Sandcastle

We had just arrived in Roses and Monkey spotted the sandcastle sculptures on the beach. He’d never seen anything quite like them and I just love the fact he took ‘teddy’ to have a closer inspection.  I think given half a chance he would happily have spent the day on the beach trying to recreate this masterpiece for himself.

Sandcastles and childhood just go together as far as I’m concerned.  Building sandcastles on Bournemouth beach with my brother, Dad and his best friend Laurie brings back happy memories.  I also remember building sandcastles with my Uncle down on the Kent coast. Happy times, simple pleasures. We certainly haven’t spent enough time building sandcastles with Monkey. But I’m determined to rectify that.

He did get some sandcastle building experience in on our trip to Charmouth last year.  He loved it.

The Alphabet Photography Project S is for Sandcastle

We’re off to Spain after the half term and I’ve already instructed Granny and Gramps that a bucket and spade purchase is required and we will have to have one day at the seaside, building sandcastles, making memories for Monkey with his grandparents.

I’m hoping we can bring some Spanish sun back with us so Monkey and I can spend a couple of days at the seaside building sandcastles and having some fun.  Not sure my efforts would win any prizes, but I’m sure we’ll have fun anyway.

Where is your favourite place to build sandcastles?

5 thoughts on “The Alphabet Photography Project S is for Sandcastle #alphabetphoto

  1. Lucas says – They are brilliant sand sculptures but I reckon your sand castles are more awesome and cool!!! #alphabetphoto

  2. That sand sculpture is fab! Love building sandcastles, hoping to do lots of that this summer 🙂

  3. Someone put a lot of work into that sculpture but your own sandcastles are always better! )

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