The Alphabet Photography Project T is for Trains

The Alphabet Photography Project T is for Trains #alphabetphoto

Week 20 of PODcast‘s linky The Alphabet Photography Project. I so nearly picked Tiger for this week, as I really adore them, but there is one T that binds my little family together, a shared love. My The Alphabet Photography Project T is for Trains.

I think my love affair with trains began in our garage at home when I was a little girl.  Dad had a Hornby train set that was assembled in the garage.  If we were good my brother and I could watch the trains go by; some of them even blew out STEAM!  The trains and couplings fascinated me, and that’s certainly where my love of the Mallard comes from.

Being the romantic fool that I am, I just love Steam Engines and the bygone age that the represent.  I’ve been on countless steam engines over the years.  Daddy P loves them too. Being rather pregnant when we got married, I found I was getting extremely tired.  A honeymoon overseas would have been a waste of money when I was falling asleep by 6pm! So we settled for some time in Yorkshire instead.  We both loved the National Railway Museum, and I got to see my beloved Mallard!

So there was never any doubt that Monkey would have a train set.  His Granny and Gramps bought him a Hornby set for a Christening present, he has a wooden set and a few different plastic set now too.  We’ve also taken him on a number of steam trains.  He shares our love of them.

During the summer holidays we stayed with my best friend for a couple of days.  She suggested a day trip to the Great Central Railway.  Another one to tick off our list.  I knew Monkey would love it.  Yes, let’s do that.  When we arrived at Quorn and Woodhouse Station my friend (who is a year older than me) said that she was really rather excited.  She was about to go on her first steam train ride!

We had a wonderful day, I need to write a post about our trip.  But for me now, every time I get on a steam train, there are sure to be many more, I will think of my best friend.  She proves that you are never too old to enjoy your first steam train ride!

The Alphabet Photography Project T is for Trains

With Monkey’s birthday being in December we’ve managed to celebrate his birthday with a couple of times with a rather special train too.

The Alphabet Photography Project T is for Trains

Yes, we have a huge Thomas fan here.  This also makes me smile, it takes me back to reading the original Thomas the Tank Engine stories with my brother many moons ago.

Trains, you just can’t go wrong with trains. Do your family love trains?

5 thoughts on “The Alphabet Photography Project T is for Trains #alphabetphoto

  1. It had to be didn’t it! It sounds like a great day out. We enjoy a trip on the steam train, even though we aren’t train enthusiasts, it’s always a nice day out.

  2. There is something special about steam trains isn’t there. We have the west coast mainline on an embankment at the bottom of our garden and we love to watch them go past. The NRM is a favourite here too a great museum and free!

  3. We rode one yesterday to meet with my husband and my son really loves every second of it! I think for my son its the not being strapped thing that made him happy and he can go and look at the fading scenes from our window too. #alphabetphoto

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