The Alphabet Photography Project V is for Vibrant

The Alphabet Photography Project V is for Vibrant #alphabetphoto

Week 22 of PODcast‘s linky The Alphabet Photography Project. What to pick for V???? The weather here has definitely turned, it’s wetter, colder, duller, and I can feel that the heating is going to be going on soon.  So I needed something to raise my spirits and warm me up. How a bit of summer colour? Yes, that would do the trick.  So My The Alphabet Photography Project V is for Vibrant.

The Alphabet Photography Project V is for Vibrant

This photo was taken at Calke Abbey on a visit with my best friend and Monkey in the summer holidays.  The colour is wonderful, nature at it’s best.

I have to be honest, as a child I really wasn’t taken with flowers, that was most certainly Mum’s department.  But now I really do appreciate them in all their variations, colours and sizes.  I’m still rubbish at keeping them alive, I certainly haven’t got the family green fingers – that honour has gone straight to Monkey.  With florists and prize-winning flower growers on both sides of his family, it’s rather nice that Monkey seems to already appreciate something I didn’t when I was his age!  Granny will be happy.

I love this vibrant bloom, it reminds me of a firework exploding on a crisp Bonfire Night.  I love the variation in the colour and the hint of yellow at the centre.  Just a lovely, summer flower, bringing a little light and colour into a gloomy October day.


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  1. That is stunning Mary, what a beautiful flower, and a fantastic photo. Vibrant indeed 🙂 #alphabetphoto

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