The Alphabet Photography Project W is for Waiting

The Alphabet Photography Project W is for Waiting #alphabetphoto

Week 23 of PODcast‘s linky The Alphabet Photography Project and this week we are up to W.  I’ve missed a couple of weeks with being away so I’ll have to recap on U and V another day! What to choose for W???  Last year I picked Waterfall. So many options for W but what to go for?  I was going through my photos from our recent trip to Spain and found this one. The Alphabet Photography Project W is for Waiting, but could also be Watching and White!

The Alphabet Photography Project W is for Waiting

We’d been to El Torcal for the day, near Antequera, and on the way back to my parents we had promised Monkey we would stop to look at one of the many wind farms in the local area.  Unlike here, you can walk right up to the turbines and Monkey is totally fascinated by them.  It was also a perfect opportunity for a bit of bug hunting and Guru Gramps was quick to find this little beauty for me to snap.  We watched this female Crab Spider as it waited to pounce on the unsuspecting Honey Bee.  It was so perfectly camouflaged and Guru Gramps was obviously better at spotting it than its poor old prey!

note from Guru Gramps: this is the female Crab Spider, Misumena varia.   The male is VERY much smaller.   The female can be yellow, white or pale green depending on the colour of the flower in which it hides and waits for its prey.   In this instance it is a worker Honey-bee, Apis mellifera.   In Spain the bees are specimens of the true species whereas in the UK nearly all the bees have a brownish abdomen and are known as variety italiana as that strain originally came from Italy.

It crept out slowly, waited patiently and then the next time we looked, the spider and its lunch were gone!

The Alphabet Photography Project W is for Waiting

What would you pick for W?

4 thoughts on “The Alphabet Photography Project W is for Waiting #alphabetphoto

  1. Wow, such a cool photo, although I am terrified of spiders and had to look at it through my fingers 🙂 x

  2. Great find! Fascinating to watch. Feel sorry for the bee, but there are no supermarkets in nature. Not sure I would have spotted this one. It’s legs remind me of pipettes. #AlphabetPhoto

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