The Alphabet Photography Project Z is for Zebra

The Alphabet Photography Project Z is for Zebra #alphabetphoto

Week 26 of PODcast‘s linky The Alphabet Photography Project. Oh wow!  It only seems like yesterday that I saw Charly’s idea for this series.  I’ve loved being part of this series and now I can access my old photos I can trawl back through old memories for inspiration. There was never any doubt about my Z really as it covers two things I love.  My The Alphabet Photography Project Z is for Zebra, taken at Whipsnade Zoo – a family favourite.

The Alphabet Photography Project Z is for Zebra

Since Monkey was a baby, we’ve met one of my Dad’s cousins at Whipsnade Zoo every year.  It’s become a favourite place for us, it’s so walkable, you can get up close to some wonderful animals.  Every time we go, we go a slightly different route so it always feels like a new experience.  Monkey loves it there, and I think it’s really important for children to have the opportunity to see animals from around the world.  Making memories and learning about the world we live in and conservation.

This photo was taken in June 2013, the Zebras were horsing around, a bit different from the docile animals we’d seen on previous excursions.  Monkey was enthralled.  We stood and watch the herd for ages.  Mummy they look like horses don’t they.  Yes, they do a bit don’t they, do you think someone painted those stripes on?  I think the Zebra is rather fascinating really, their markings are really so expected for the landscape they truly belong in.

Zoo’s have changed so much since I was a child.  I remember my visit to London Zoo as a child.  I remember animals in concrete enclosures – must have been elephants, but something tells me polar bears too. (How accurate this memory is I don’t know!!)  Even a little girl knew that that was really rather sad.  Whipsnade Zoo, to me is so much more of what a Zoo should be.  Wide open spaces, room for animals to roam but for us still to be able to experience the thrill of seeing them.

I hope Monkey gets to see the Zebra herds for many years to come.  One day I want to take him to Africa so we can see them in the wild.  Going on Safari has always been on my bucket list.

I think Charly is looking to start this project up again in the new year, will you be joining in?


8 thoughts on “The Alphabet Photography Project Z is for Zebra #alphabetphoto

  1. How lovely. Zoos are super family days out. I love the moment captured in the photo. Zebras are such beautiful creatures. #alphabetphoto x

  2. Love this action shot! And also loved Whipsnade zoo when we visited a couple of years ago. Would love to visit again, now that little T is older. As for joining in next year, might just do it. Had so much fun! 🙂 #alphabetphotography.

  3. I remember the polar bears at London Zoo. Looking down into their enclosure. Still have the elephant shaped key that went into the information boxes, by each enclosure, for the sound commentary. The zebras are having fun. Nice to see. #AlphabetPhoto

  4. Wow, you’ve got the best zebra photos of all! I thought they were docile animals too, so this is an unexpected sight.

  5. That’s a wonderful photo. You memory of the polar bears and elephants at London Zoo is the same as mine, concrete enclosures. We visited Whipsnade this year the first visit for me since my childhood it is a good zoo as zoos go. We had some tired feet at the end of the day.

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