The Be Simply Great Challenge

The Be Simply Great Challenge

The Be Simply Great Challenge

Last month Victoria Pembleton helped launch the Be Simply Great Challenge in London. Along with a panel of health and well-being experts, this back to basics campaign works alongside the Simply Great Drinks Company.

The Be Simply Great Challenge

The Be Simply Great Challenge is an 8 week challenge offering guidance on how to become fitter and healthier.  Each week you are provided with exercises to improve strength and core, ideas for your diet and tips to keep you motivated.

I had intended to start The Be Simply Great Challenge last week, but to be totally honest, I was shattered after the Grand Prix weekend, and it took me until mid-week to feel human again!

But this week I’m trying to be more focused.  In week one I’m looking at walking to work on my cardio.  Walking is something I do a lot of, and an activity I enjoy, so not so hard for me to work on this point.  Building up my strength and core are areas I certainly will need to work on – me and gym exercises are not a match made in heaven!  I also have to be a bit careful with my dodgy knees, but I’ll give it a go.

Breakfast is something I never go without, and I always eat at the breakfast table, so I’ve ticked that off already.  At the end of each week you record how you are feeling and therefore what areas you need to work on more, or adjust.  You can find our all about the challenge here and maybe you’ll join me over the next 8 weeks!

To help me on at the beginning of the Be Simply Great Challenge I received some cartons of the Simply Great Pomegranate Juice drink.  I’m a tad fussy with juice and wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this flavour, not something I’ve tried before.

I was actually pleasantly surprised, I like it.  Daddy P thought he was going to get the cartons all to himself, but I find the pomegranate really refreshing and have kept the cartons all to myself!  1 litre cartons are available from Co-Op and Waitrose for £1.50, although they are currently on offer 2-£2.50.

I’m off to do my press-ups – wish me luck!

disclaimer:  we were sent these juice cartons in exchange for an honest review

4 thoughts on “The Be Simply Great Challenge

  1. That looks like an interesting juice to try but certainly sounds refreshing. Good luck with the challenge and I look forward to seeing how you get on.

  2. I’m doing this as well. Pretty much all the challenge in week one I do anyway (although have been slacker recently in my walking – too hot to walk at lunchtimes and back into a non airconditioned office – and my strength/core training.

    I’m a fan of pomegranate juice anyway, but find this more pleasant than others I’ve tried.

    Must do my write up!

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