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The Best Ways to Budget as a New Mum – AD collaborative post

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Having a baby can expensive, but our tips will help you cut costs and make savings where it matters.

Personal Finances

Go through your finances and make sure you’re being charged correctly for everything going through your bank account each month.

Get rid of any old defunct insurance policies and any subscriptions that you no longer use.

Check that you are not overpaying for gas and electricity or broadband by running your costs through a comparison or switch site.

Ensure you and your partner pay the best rates for all of your financial products and switch to a better rate if you are not.

Mum moments with Hotel Chocolat

Free Baby Stuff

Keep an eye on websites that offer free baby stuff in the mail for mom and their babies. These sites are updated regularly, and you can get some great discounts, offers and freebies.


If you can breastfeed, do so for as long as possible. You’ll save money as you won’t be buying formula for the duration of your breastfeeding.

Trial Run on Baby Classes

When looking at baby classes, make it clear that you’d like to try the class with your little one before signing up for a block of classes. That way, you can make sure the course is right for you and your baby before committing.

Make Your Own Baby Food

When it’s time to wean your baby, make your own food from scratch, around six months. You can steam and puree first foods and then freeze them in bulk and have them ready whenever you need them. Take a look at weaning websites for homemade recipes. For baby food on the go, you can use reusable, recyclable pouches.

Join an Online Baby Club

Online baby clubs offer a community of mums who are in your situation, whether you’re pregnant, have just given birth or are raising a toddler and beyond. Here you will get invaluable advice and tips from other mums and be first in line for offers, discounts, competitions and trustworthy reviews from mums all in one place.

Baby Essentials

Make a shortlist of essential baby items that you will need straight away; pushchair, Moses basket, car seat etc. It’s really easy to get caught up in pregnancy excitement and buy things you won’t need.

Take the advice of friends or online communities who have been in your place; they will give you honest advice about the things you don’t need to buy.

Spreading out the cost of more expensive items during your pregnancy may help your cash flow.

Buy a cot-bed that grows with your child instead of a basic cot that your little one will grow out of quickly.

A Moses basket or crib can only be used until your baby can roll over, and if you have a big baby can only be used for an even shorter time. See if you can borrow one from a friend.

Decide if you need a changing table, or can you use a chest of drawers with a changing mat on top?

Buying a multi-functional travel system that grows with your child is much better than buying several different prams, pushchairs, car seats, and strollers over the years.

Nappies and Toiletries

There are always ways to save on nappies and toiletries. You can buy non-branded items much cheaper, and most large retailers have special offers that change regularly for bulk buying.

You could save money by using Reusable Nappies, nipple pads and baby wipes.

Buy Second-Hand

Many baby items aren’t used for long, especially when it comes to clothes and toys. Join local selling sites on Facebook, or look out for local NCT sales. If you have friends with children a little older than yours, ask if they can hand them down as their child outgrows them. You could do the same for someone with a child younger than yours.

Try to fight the urge to buy maternity clothes because you’re excited about being pregnant. You don’t know how your body will change until it does. Also, maternity clothes aren’t used for long; buy second-hand or borrow from a friend if you can to save money.

You must never buy a car seat second-hand as you can’t tell if it’s been involved in a crash or accident.

Tell People What You Need

Friends and family are always eager to buy you gifts once your baby arrives or for your baby shower. Please don’t be shy, be sure to tell them what you need so that you don’t end up with multiples or something you don’t need.

Cheap Activities

Keep an eye out online for subsidised or free family days out.

Your local Sure Start Centre may run baby sensory or baby massage groups, and make sure you join your local church playgroup. It’s an excellent way to get out of the house and meet other mums in your area, and the entrance fee, which is usually only a couple of pounds, often includes a free hot drink and biscuit!

Don’t Buy Too Many Baby Clothes

Babies have growth spurts and can sometimes be in a size of clothing for only a week or two before going up a size. If friends and family buy clothes when your baby is born, keep the tags on until you know what sizes you need, then you can always return them and change the size at the store.

Sign Up to Baby Brands

Sign up for newsletters and emails from big baby brands. In return, they will often send out coupons or free gifts for your little one.



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