The B&W Photography Project Week 34

The B&W Photography Project Week 34 #bwphotoproject

The B&W Photography Project Week 34 with PODCast  and I’m going back in time, to a trip in Dubai that I took a number of years ago and to a building that fascinated me for a number of reasons.

The B&W Photography Project Week 34

This is the Emirates Training College in Dubai.  As some of you know I worked in Export for most of my working life and in the late 80’s and 90’s I worked for a company that made and installed Emergency Lighting and Fire Alarm systems.  I started off as the secretary, which always amused people as I couldn’t really touch type.  I got the job because of my enthusiasm for world geography and I was known for being very organised.  Over the years I grew with the department and learnt everything to do with the administration, orders, quotes and shipping.  It was a really interesting place to work and I got to know about all sorts of projects all over the world including Eurodisney.  We supplied the lighting for a number of the rides as they were built, the only one I can remember now is Space Mountain – I’ll go on that one day with Monkey hopefully!

One project that totally fascinated me and the rest of the team was the Emirates Training Centre.  Our local distributor won the project with our help and our engineer helped commission the fire alarm system when it was installed.  Right from the beginning we knew this building was going to look like an aeroplane.  Only in Dubai, even in 1991.

Our engineer took photos to show me when he came back and I hoped that I’d one day get to see it for myself. A year or two later my dream came true.  We had an office in Dubai by then, and our engineer very generously donated his air miles so I could visit for a week with my ex.

There were a number of places I wanted to see but top of my list was the Emirates Training Centre.  It certainly lived up to my expectations.  I heard that a few years later a big highway was built right in front of the building, which seemed such a shame to me.

I must get my old photos down from the loft one day, as Dubai has changed so much since my visit. We visited in an October when it was warm, but not too hot for us to walk everywhere.  The guys in our office thought we were ‘nuts’, but it’s the only way for me to see a city.  I have no sense of direction and getting lost is all part of the fun!

Anyway, I love this photo in colour, but I think it works really well in black and white too. Have you ever seen a building like this?

10 thoughts on “The B&W Photography Project Week 34 #bwphotoproject

  1. What an amazing picture, Dubai is somewhere I would love to visit but am yet to get there. I would love to see this building in real life x

  2. Very nice building! If you go to Singapore, you would see a building that look like a fruit, durian! lol

  3. That is an amazing building, I’d love to visit Dubai. I think architectural images work really well in b&w, really brings out the form and the lines x

  4. Its like a plane nose! I love to visit Dubai as well as almost all of my uni classmates works there now. So visiting would not only let me see the amazing hi-tech place but also friends that I miss so much =) #whatsthestory

  5. Wow that IS a very cool buildinghoto. In fact it looks like it couldve been taken in the 70’s! What an interesting job. I’d love to visit Dubai x #whatsthestory

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