The Careers Many Would Like To Consider Now You’re A Mum

The Careers Many Would Like To Consider Now You’re A Mum – collaborative post

disclosure: this is a collaborative post

Becoming a mother is life changing, there is no denying that, but often at this stage new mums, and indeed for a few years after, you can feel like you lose your identity a little. It might be that you don’t go back to work, or you go back because you want to or have to when it comes to earning money. But that sense of loss to ourselves sometimes doesn’t go away. A great way to get a little of you back is to think about a career change, if that is an option, and now that you are a mum there may be new interests or skills you never thought you had before. Here are some of the career paths you could consider.

The Careers Many Would Like To Consider Now You’re A Mum

Becoming a nurse

Nursing may be a surpassing career choice but as you become a mother, your instincts change and caring for others becomes something you just know to do. This could work exceptionally well in the healthcare system when you could put those skills to best use. You could even train in a specific area such as looking at the neonatal np program online to specialise. This is when your experience as a mother could really come into its own. Nursing might be shift type work, but it could also work flexibly around your family and may be the idea career choice to consider in the future.

Working with children

As you will have had experience with children, you may want to put this to the best use and working in childcare could be the ideal option. Not only does it give you flexibility of having your children with you as well, but this could work really well for when they are at school. Furthermore, if you don’t want to work in a nursery environment then you could branch out on your and become a childminder. This could be a great way to earn some extra money with very little overheads and costings.

Training to become a teacher or a teaching assistant

Many mothers decide on a change of career later in life and the main motivation is to work around the family. So what better way to do that than training to become a teacher. You get to work in a school environment, get all of the school holidays off, which will work well around your kids. If teaching isn’t necessarily your first choice, then becoming a teaching assistant could be the next best thing. It takes less time to train to do that and could be the ideal step for you to take to change your career for one that works around your family.

Getting involved in the community

Finally, maybe the career choice for you might be a little more local. Perhaps organising events in the local community, working with local small businesses or getting involved in charities. Keeping things local is a great when it comes to have a job and interest that works around the family.

Let’s hope this has given you some inspiration on what changes in careers you could make.

disclosure:  this is a collaborative post

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