The dreaded pox is here in force

Poor Monkey, only 2 hours sleep last night left us both slightly worse for wear this morning.  I had hoped he’d have a lie in, but one hyper active kitten put a stop to that idea.  He wanted his partner in crime to get up and play and that, was that!

When I spoke to his pre-school, they advised that I was the fourth Mummy to ring in with the pox, so no guessing where he caught it from.  Another three children were later added to the list, and one of our NCT group has one twin with and one currently without, so guess the number will rise still further.

We have spent the day quietly playing airports, trains and building sites; all normal activities in our household, but just played slightly less enthusiastically than normal.  Piriton syrup and Virasoothe gel have helped keep the itching to a minimum for us. We’ve watched a few DVD’s and had lots of cuddles on the sofa – every cloud has a silver lining.

Lots of friends recommended bicarbonate of soda in his bath water to dry up spots so we’ve tried that for the second night running.  Willing to give anything a go, to ease his discomfort.

Now he’s fallen fast asleep on his bed in just his pj top – bless him.  Am hoping for a long sleep and that he doesn’t pee on the duvet!!  This could be the end of pull-ups – positive thinking!

Just want my happy, cheeky little monkey back along with his appetite.

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