The Great Train Robbery!

The Great Train Robbery!

Hold the front page! Monkey and the Lego Policeman have foiled the Great Train Robbery!  What happened?

Well our roving reporter confirms that at 8.18am this morning Thomas the Tank Engine was taking Monkey’s Christmas millions and Hard Cash cargo from one end of the Living Room to the other.  There appeared to be a tree trunk across the track so Thomas slammed on his brakes – it was a near miss!

The Great Train Robbery!Out of nowhere 2 shifty looking characters on motorbikes appeared ……..

The Great Train Robbery! The Great Train Robbery!

Thomas wasn’t happy, but what could he do?  Before he knew it the hoodlums had broken into the carriage containing the cash – they were up to no good!

The Great Train Robbery! The Great Train Robbery!


Oh no! The leader of the gang is filling his sack with all the loot! He’s even taking Monkey’s Christmas stash!!





The ruffian called out for his accomplice to bring his motorbike ……


The Great Train Robbery! The Great Train Robbery!


They soon realised that motorbikes might not have been such a good idea for stashing the cash!




Oh no!  That pesky Thomas has called the Cops!




DSC00192 DSC00193


With sirens blazing PC Plod is in hot pursuit.  The crooks drop most of the loot and zoom off on their motorbikes ……



Can they get away?  Will crime pay?  Will Monkey get his Christmas chocolates back? …….

One criminal crashes …….

DSC00194 DSC00195

…… While trying to hide the cash in the trash, our crooks were soon to be undone.  PC Plod and Monkey are on the case ……

The Great Train Robbery! DSC00197

You are under arrest – you are despicable!

With the criminals behind bars, Monkey went off to count his pennies …….

and PC Plod must have gone back to the station …… right?

DSC00201Who said that crime doesn’t pay?

The Great Train Robbery!This bit of breaking news was bought to you thanks to Carcraft, who supplied us with this great Lego set to enable us to dramatise today’s events!

The Great Train Robbery!This is our entry in the Carcraft Lego competition.


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