The joys of being ‘older’ than the average Mum

Today I just feel old! My knees are really sore, my back hurts and I’m tired 🙁

Grumpy Mummy is embarking on my last week of being in the 35-44 category on surveys.  FACT.  This is not making me happy.  Where have the last five years gone? I was fine with being 40.

It only seems five minutes ago I was happily planning my 40th birthday celebrations – I was in such a good place. I’d survived a stressful divorce from a man I’d spent 20 years with, had bought a house, found ‘me’ again, met a new man (not knowing that this was husband number 2 in waiting) and felt 21 again.  I had soooo much energy.

Five years on I’m lucky to have such a lovely son, I wish my husband spent more time with us and less time with his business but beggars can’t be choosers, I have wonderful friends and a good family, but I can’t get away from the fact that I’ll be 45 next week and I just don’t have the energy of a 21-year-old.  Thank god Monkey is a good sleeper!  I have no idea how I would cope with less than 6-7 hours sleep a night, but I do really miss the weekend lie-in’s – a chance to re-charge my batteries.

I probably don’t help myself, I always cram a hundred and one things into every day – I’m not good at just having a chill-out day (neither is my son).  Today has been no exception – swimming lesson, straight from the pool to a friend’s house for playtime and an impromptu lunch for the kids, home to wash the swimming stuff as we need it again tomorrow, forget to have lunch myself, off to NCT playdate for the afternoon, home to cook dinner etc.  My son is not grasping this whole clock change thing and doesn’t sound like he’ll be nodding off anytime soon.

So will I sit curled up on the sofa this evening, nope I’ll be on the Izziwizzi Kids #Playfest Facebook party from 8.30-10.00pm sharing our recent reviews On the Farm and Post Box Game on Orchard Toys games. Then off to bed with my BritMums Book Club book of the month with Penguin Book Club – Honour by Elif Shafak – it’s a can’t put it down kind of book, so no early night for me!

I can’t wait for our Pre-school Ladies Pamper night later this month, I will definitely be in need of a bit of Mummy pampering then 🙂 End of moan

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