The solution to humidity risks for newborns

The solution to humidity risks for newborns

When caring for a child or newborn, there’s nothing we won’t do to protect them and make sure they grow up happy and healthy. There are the more obvious dangers such as trips and falls, which we combat with tools like stair gates and child seats, and then there are developmental risks that could harm our children down the line. Some of these are obvious, but others don’t get the attention they deserve.

The solution to humidity risks for new-borns

Correct room temperature and humidity can slip our minds, but they’re essential for children and especially newborns. In the growing years, our bodies are still adjusting to and defining the normalities of everyday life. When newborns first arrive, their digestive systems are very basic, and they have to be slowly weaned on to the type of diet they’ll have for the rest of their lives. There’s a lot of full nappies and spitting up on the way, and we wouldn’t dream of introducing solid foods as their first meal. The respiratory system works in much the same way, but unfortunately, we’re far less used to helping newborns acclimatise to their surroundings in the same way as we do for their diet.

The solution to humidity risks for new-borns

Failing to provide an acceptable climate for a new-born or child could lead to real problems later in life, including breathing complaints, asthma, hay fever and even allergies from which they wouldn’t otherwise suffer. An overly humid environment taxes the lungs in a way that newborns and young children just aren’t ready for, but thankfully, that doesn’t need to be the case.

Even the most basic dehumidifiers can make all the difference to a child’s future wellbeing.

Dehumidifiers for homes can be used to level the temperature and humidity of a household, while specifically tasked baby’s room dehumidifiers create the ideal environment for later good health and respiratory development. The benefits of a dehumidifier don’t stop with direct benefit to children, however. They also combat damp and condensation, drastically reducing the chances of mould gaining a foothold in your home. Luckily, a basic humidifier can be purchased for just over £20, with more advanced models also available.

Obtaining the right room temperature might be an often-overlooked aspect of raising a healthy child, but thankfully, it isn’t hard to find the tools to do it right.

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  1. Great post, the correct humidity levels are so important, my oldest suffered from infantile athsma and humidity used to really affect his breathing x

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