The Tooth Fairy drama – Living Arrows

The Tooth Fairy drama – Living Arrows

The Tooth Fairy drama – Living Arrows.  I have a gentle little soul in this house.  He isn’t particularly keen on wobbly teeth and doesn’t try to help them on their way at all.  He certainly doesn’t take after me. We’ve often had tears when teeth have been ready to come out, he often finds the whole experience quite traumatic. One of his top teeth has been wobbly, for literally months.  To the point where his adult tooth has come out in front of it.  There is no room for both teeth to live harmoniously side by side.  Action has been required, but my son would have none of it.  He was not for pulling, twisting or even mildly cajoling his tooth to leave its home.

It’s been going on for so long, I’ve been worried that he’ll have issues in the future if the new tooth doesn’t have the room it needs in his mouth.  But finally last week my son announced that his tooth was ‘really wobbly’, a whole new level of looseness.  Could this be it at last? I asked him to show me the wobble in action, and gingerly he agreed.  Wow, really wobbly indeed.  I suggested he tried twisting it, it really did look ready to come out.

Cue all sorts of drama, tears and all.  Perhaps I could try, I suggested, promising not to hurt him.  I’ve had to resort to this before, not one of my favourite jobs as a Mum.  After a few attempts and an upset son, I decided to admit defeat and just hoped he wouldn’t swallow it in the night.

Thankfully the tooth hadn’t been swallowed overnight, but was still just hanging around with a very unhappy son.  His teacher was on tooth watch for the day and I fully expected to pick my son up from school and hear that he’d swallowed it at lunchtime.

But no!  He walked out of class, big smile on his face and one tiny tooth in his hand.  Phew!  Now you would think that that would have been the end of the Tooth Fairy drama, but no.  This was just the beginning.

We have a pewter Toothy Turtle that my son was given as a Christening present, and every tooth that hasn’t been swallowed has ended up in this pot for the Tooth Fairy to exchange for hard cash.  It’s always been a highlight of the whole tooth thing here, something my son has actually enjoyed.  I saw no reason for this tooth to fare any differently, Toothy was placed on his bedside table and the tooth was placed under his shell.  Happy days.  Now I just needed to remember to change the tooth for £1 before I went to bed.

As I tried to enjoy a peaceful bath, (still a rarity) I got busted by my son, telling me that he’d decided the Tooth Fairy wasn’t having his tooth and that he’d hidden it.  With that he shut the bathroom door and went back to bed.  What?? By the time I got out of the bath, he was fast asleep and his tooth was nowhere to be found.

Oh well, the Tooth Fairy was quids in.  She did leave him a little note saying she was disappointed not to have been able to collect the long-awaited tooth, though.

The next morning my son woke up, showed me where he’d hidden his tooth, under his Flying Scotsman (silly Mummy for not figuring that one out – doh) and the letter he’d received.  He actually read it out to me (I’ll get him reading any way I can!).  Well it’s fine if you want to keep the tooth, but why would you? and if you are going to keep it, you really should let the tooth fairy know, so she doesn’t keep coming back for it, I told him.

So after school that day, he sat down and wrote the poor tooth fairy a letter, (again, I’ll get him writing any way I can too!) explaining that he was rather attached to his tooth and wouldn’t be giving it up.  Sorted, or so I thought.  We were not at the end of the Tooth Fairy drama quite yet.

The Tooth Fairy drama

It was bedtime, I’d read to my son as normal, it was time to say good night.  Mummy, I think I’ve changed my mind about my tooth and he burst into tears.  Oh boy.  I assured him that it was fine if he wanted to keep his tooth, but equally it would be ok for him to let the Tooth Fairy take it away.  Looking at his face you would have thought that some crucial world crisis was playing on his mind.  But no, it was all about the tooth and whether he could live with letting it go.

After much soul-searching he finally decided that actually he could let the tooth go after all, he placed his tooth inside Toothy and we said our good nights.

I wasn’t entirely sure that I’d find the tooth still there when I went to bed, but it was, and so that was the end of the Tooth Fairy drama.  For now at least.

Do you have an easier time of it at your end?

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  1. Ahh! My youngest hates having wobbly teeth too. She had one a few months ago that was ready to come out and the new one had grown in behind. It was such a drama. Once the tooth is out she’s fine and is all about wanting the money. lol

  2. Oh bless him! We had this with Athena’s first (and only) lost tooth and so I am dreading more coming out. It was so much more emotional than I ever expected! x

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