The Tooth Fairy has been

The Tooth Fairy has been

Towards the end of last year I wrote about our visit to the dentist and her predictions for Monkey’s baby teeth.  On Christmas Eve Monkey announced that one of his front teeth was wobbling.  Oh wow, my little boy really is growing up.  Common opinion was telling me that he’d lose it anything from the next day right through to 3 weeks later.  So we’ve been on tooth watch ever since.  Well the Tooth Fairy has been!  In fact she came on Friday night.

Monkey had been testing the wobble factor on his tooth and announced, that no, it wasn’t coming out yet.  Never mind, I don’t think it will be much longer Monkey, it’s been wobbling for almost a full month now.  Then within half an hour of this conversation, Mummy!  My tooth has fallen out! There he was, standing in front of me with the tiniest tooth – aren’t they minute!

The Tooth Fairy has been

There he was, all proud and excited showing off his gap, and the new tooth behind. There was I, trying not to cry.  I know, I’m a wuss of the highest order.  My baby, my boy, his smile, changed forever.  It was such a mix of emotions for me, of course, it’s really exciting, it’s the start of a new chapter in his life.  But it’s also the beginning of the end of baby teeth, time to start closing the final door on that part of his childhood.

The Tooth Fairy has been

I remember the excitement of the arrival of Monkey’s tooth, and every one after.  I’m very officious so Monkey’s baby book is crammed full of dates for every single tooth.  I remember the first time Monkey bit me – flipping heck, how could little teeth hurt so much!  That smile that developed and changed as each tooth appeared.  Happy memories of little milestones.

Now Monkey is 6 years old and this is a new chapter, a chapter that means he really does have to take even more care of his teeth.  He’s quite good at brushing his teeth and his current toothbrush flashes to tell him how long he needs to brush for.  At this point I have to hope and pray he takes after his father’s side of the family.  They all have amazing teeth, strong teeth, well-behaved teeth.  My side of the family don’t!  We will see, time will tell.

Monkey and I had been talking about the Tooth Fairy a couple of weeks ago, and I’d explained about the little green box that I’d had for my teeth as a child.  But Mummy, what will we do!  We don’t have that box.  Don’t worry Monkey, you are a very lucky little boy, you’ve got Toothy Turtle, he was a present from your cousin C on your Christening Day.

The Tooth Fairy has been

Toothy Turtle is rather cute isn’t he.  So on Friday, he came out of his turtle cave and Monkey decided that rather than sitting under his pillow Toothy might prefer to sit on his bedside table.  Result! Thought I, no scrambling around under his pillow trying to find that tiny tooth.

Our bedtime reading for the evening was changed to Ellie and the Truth about the Tooth Fairy, which I’ve been keeping for this event.  It’s a lovely book and I can thoroughly recommend it, Monkey was on tenterhooks from start to finish. (I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link in case you are interested).

So we watch and we wait for tooth number two to start wobbling and for that familiar smile to change a little more.

How far along the tooth journey are you?  I’d love to hear your stories.


9 thoughts on “The Tooth Fairy has been

  1. I remember Little Mr A’s first tooth took ages to come out after it first started wobbling. There was much relief at home and school when it did eventually fall out as he’d been driving everyone crazy going on about it. It’s really strange when they start falling out. Little Mr A is missing quite a few at the moment and it really does make him look so different. They are growing up fast!

  2. Ah, it is such a special moment, and yes, they are so teeny! Boo’s lost two, though funnily enough she was only complaining to me this morning that she hasn’t got any wobbly teeth now and she wants one. It seems it’s hot conversation at school, who has lost how many and whether any are wobbly! x

  3. Aww what a milestone! Bless him he looks so proud. That turtle is cute but good idea to have it on the bedside table rather than under the pillow! Xx

  4. Isn’t it funny how for both our boys the big teeth were already coming behind. I had no idea that could even happen! I love the turtle, we wasn’t as prepared. Isn’t it funny how small the teeth are when they come out, they don’t look it do they x

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