The Year Five journey begins

The Year Five journey begins

I’ve taken time off from the blog over the last few weeks to spend every free moment with my son when I haven’t been working, so it’s been a bit quiet in this little space.  The end of the school holidays came along way too fast for us and I wasn’t really prepared for this morning at all.  Not helped by the fact that my son’s feet appear to have grown again over the last few weeks.  He had to squeeze into his shoes this morning and I’m just hoping that they will give a little with wear or otherwise we’ll be buying another pair very soon.  Anyway, the Year Five journey begins today, which means Upper Key Stage Two and a classroom in the top part of the school, upstairs.

The Year Five journey begins

He had a little wobble last night worrying about whether his name will be in the correct register after the class mix up on transition day last term.  I told him I thought it would all have been sorted out, but if his name wasn’t called out he would have to put his hand up and speak up for himself.

He went to sleep without any trouble last night and slept until nearly 7.30am so he clearly wasn’t too worried about the start of Year Five.  He did tell me that he didn’t want to go to school and he’s only got to wait another eight years until he can leave school for good.  He was also concerned that he’d now be in the last group to be called into lunch.  Food, always food, on this boys mind!

Anyway, he walked into school with his best friend, them both chatting away as normal, a quick kiss and cuddle for me and he was gone.  It’s lovely not to have those first day back dramas any more but I’d love these primary school days to slow down a bit, please.  It’s all going too quickly now.

I hope he makes the most of this year.  If a love of reading and writing could materialise that would be amazing, I live in hope.  I hope that homework is more structured than last year and that we don’t get the meltdowns when he is given work to do.  I’d love to see the support he’s meant to get in class be more evident.  But my biggest wish is that he settles quickly and that we don’t lose the first four months to get him feeling confident in his new surroundings.

But mostly, I hope he’s happy as the Year Five journey begins, that he clicks with his new teacher and that the topic work inspires him.  Fingers crossed!



2 thoughts on “The Year Five journey begins

  1. Oh gosh! Your boy is getting so tall now. He really seems to have sprouted up over the summer!
    Aww! Bless your son and his little wobbles. My girl was worried about her new school and the school lunch too. All she thinks about is her stomach. lol
    Good luck to him in year 5! x

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