Those immortal words!

Those immortal words! – Are we nearly there yet?

No – not ‘I love you!!!

The Sunday before last, we went to visit my best friend and her partner for the day. They live about an hour and 20 minutes away from us and the journey is pretty much motorway door to door.  About 40 minutes into the journey my son pipes up those immortal words (for the very first time, at just over 3 years) ….

Mum?  are we nearly there yet??

He was word-perfect.  Is this phrase inbuilt when they are born?  Only to be recited when you least expect it?  All of a sudden I knew exactly how my parents must have felt all those years ago with me and my brother.

So, what to do?  He’s not really old enough to get I Spy, so I went for an all-time family classic – Count the Bridges. He absolutely loved it and did really well until we got to about 15, and then he needed me to count for him.  But he still kept shouting out every time we saw a bridge.  It kept him occupied for the rest of the journey – 31 bridges later.

He slept all the way home 🙂

Just made me chuckle, and realise I’ll be hearing those immortal words a lot more from here on in!

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