Three weeks in

Three weeks in #GetGoodSummer

So I’m three weeks in to my #GetGoodSummer challenge. Clearly the fact that this is my first update shows I’m not doing brilliantly!

1. Swimming a length

Well if I’m going to achieve this in the next 7 weeks, it may well be doing back stroke. Surprising, considering I’d never been on my back in the water in my life two months ago, I am loving this stroke.  Our teacher has now gone on maternity leave and I don’t know who is teaching us from tomorrow night.  So I have no idea of what their schedule will be for us.  I had hoped to go by myself when Monkey was on his full day’s at Nursery School, but that just hasn’t happened.

2. Quality time with Monkey

I’m doing better with this one!  We had a lovely day in London on Saturday.  We went up to London on the train and visited the Natural History Museum.  After lunch we went to a blogging event with Voucher Codes.  They were giving us cheap ideas to entertain children during the holidays.  I just need to type both posts up!

Three weeks in

3. Cross stitch – Monkey’s Christmas Stocking.

Depressingly I have managed just two hours on this in the last three weeks and it’s going to be hard to spend any time on it during the holidays.  But I MUST try!

Cross stitch 1 Cross stitch 2

4. The Be Simply Great Challenge

I meant to start this last week, but I was recovering from the Grand Prix, then I was back to watch the testing and then in London two days.  So I started this Monday; doing fine with the walking, trying to remember to do the exercises!  Work in progress.

5. Memories photo album for Monkey

Not meeting up with my friend with my poorly PC until nearer the end of August now, so this project will be slightly delayed.  But I’m going to buy an album with Monkey next week so at least we can make a start.

So three weeks in and not as much progress in all areas as I would like, need to focus more, which isn’t always easy.

6 thoughts on “Three weeks in #GetGoodSummer

  1. This is great. I love having wee goals or lists to work through. Good luck with your swimming! And I can’t wait to see your finished stocking. My Mum used to do some cross-stitching. Not something I’ve ever been good at LOL.

  2. Well done with the swimming. Great that you’re enjoying backstroke. I just like floating around on my back.
    Looking forward to reading your posts about your trip to London!

  3. What a great idea having a list of goals you want to achieve. It sounds like you had a lovely day out with Monkey and the photo album is a great idea!

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