Some time for me in 2015

I realised towards the end of last year that I was overstretched myself.  Things that Monkey and I would have looked at together in the afternoons were being pushed to weekends.  He was just so tired after school that expecting him to play, craft or some day, quite frankly, do anything other than veg out, was just not going to happen.  We normally have pretty full on weekends as we like to get out and about.  Blog work, that wasn’t the personal stuff that I really wanted to share, just wasn’t happening, the balance wasn’t right.  I need my sleep, and I wasn’t getting it.  I needed some structure, a better balance and some time for me in 2015!

I will continue with my swimming journey.  I can feel the fear of the deep end is back as since moving to the intermediate group, we only use two-thirds of the pool. I need to do a length before I totally lose that confidence.  It will be freezing in the pool, it was awful last month, but I must get there every Friday night.  Improve and work on my fears, they are still there, ever-present unfortunately, but not quite as huge as they once were.

Some time for me in 2015 will also include going back to sewing machine lessons.  Santa very kindly delivered me my very own beast of a machine, and next week my teacher will help me tame it as I start my next project.

some time for me in 2015

I’ve still not delivered my last project B to my friend so the big reveal still awaits.  But this next project will see me tackle a proper pattern for the first time in my life – eek!  I’m going to make Monkey a dressing gown, so just need to get the fabric now.  I saw some great construction themed fleece fabric before Christmas, so hopefully it’s still in the shop.  The pattern kit also comes with patterns for pj’s so can see a future project there if Project Dressing gown doesn’t turn me to Gin.

Another bit of some time for me in 2015 will be my Jado Chi classes.  No, I hadn’t heard of it either until my friend L mentioned it and said how much she was enjoying it.  Getting out in the evenings is pretty much impossible (apart from Friday when Daddy P comes home long enough for me to swim).  So a daytime exercise session is the ticket for me.  I have really dodgy knees (note to self – I really should get them looked at this year!) which I think aren’t helped by hyper mobile joints.  Basically I have to steer clear of running, aerobics and anything that over works my knees.  So Jado Chi is perfect for me, it’s a very low impact body exercise class based on Jado Kuin Do.

Some time for me in 2015

Although I have a long way to go with cracking the correct breathing, it’s a great way of totally switching off from everything else.  I walk into the hall with my friend, it’s a really small class with a great instructor.  She’s very patient and I’m really enjoying it.  The movements are slow and defined – Dragon and Cat have been cracked, if not perfected and I can see improvement.  It’s totally different to anything I’ve done before, very relaxing and I’m looking forward to seeing what we do each week.

I aim to not spend every waking hour glued to the laptop this year.  Stressing instead of enjoying life is not the way forward.  Balance, is my word for the year I think. I have a cross stitch project to complete – thank you Secret Santa, and aim to spend some quality time with my hopefully not too grumpy son in the afternoons after school.

Yesterday he wanted to go for a walk on the way home.  I want to go a really long way home Mummy!  Ok, says me looking at the rain clouds gathering momentum overhead. Oh well, the worst that can happen is we get soaked.  Monkey was in a lovely, chatty, happy mood, and just wanted to go for a walk through the estate.  Not the most interesting of walks, but time, just the two of us, chatting away.  Some time for me and my boy, still my favourite kind of way to spend time.


15 thoughts on “Some time for me in 2015

  1. Sounds like you have got lots of great plans for 2015. It’s great to take some time for yourself and do the things you want to and the things you enjoy. Life is too short I say!

  2. Good luck with sticking to your plans in 2015 – I always start out with the best intentions. I really would love to get to grips with my sewing machine properly this year – we can motivate each other!

  3. I hope you manage to get some time and some sleep in 2015! The Jado Chi sounds perfect for you. Balance is SO important to have yet so hard to make happen! Sometimes we just need to take a step back and reevaluate what works and what doesn’t. I took 18 months off blogging completely ( a little drastic, I know) but am all the better for it. I was just overstretched and had to step back. Now I have time for my kids, my hubby, myself and my blog, but am still trying to keep on top of the ‘balance’ – these dreaded laptops can take over!! xx

  4. Lots of plans and goals for the year. Sewing projects are on my goal list too. Sounds like you are helping return life to its proper balance, good luck x

  5. Awww I have envy. I really wanted just to give fitness more time this year and I know that it will stay that way, a plan. Doing activities that doesn’t involve the laptop is a great idea! #pocolo

  6. I know what you mean, I want to reconnect with my mindfulness practice, and be fully ‘present’ with Pickle – and my other children. Good Luck to you – and well done with sewing etc, I can’t sew for toffee! #PoCoLo

  7. Looks like some great projects planned ahead! I hope you have fun doing each of them. I wish I didn’t spend my day glued to a screen too! Happy new year 🙂

  8. It sounds like you have set yourself some great goals for this year – all the best with them all. What a great present that sewing machine was – look forward to seeing what you make. Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x

  9. It’s good to focus on yourself to make the times when you have to be all other roles seem less daunting.

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