Time to begin Year Two

Time to begin Year Two

How on earth is it time to begin Year Two Monkey?  It only seems five minutes ago that I bought you home from hospital, put you in your Moses basket and wondered what the hell to do next.  Today you start Year Two, thankfully with the same form teacher as last year.  I know that that will mean you will hopefully go into class without too much distress this morning.

I know that you are so thrilled to be back with your best friend again.  I hope you can cope with the fact he made other friends in his form class last year.  You’ve never like sharing, so this may prove a challenge for you.

You are in a mixed year class again, this time with the youngest children in Year Three. Rumour has it that you will be taught in that class, rather than, like last year, with other Year Two’s.  I honestly don’t know how you are going to find that.  Your reading and writing skills aren’t on par with a lot of the children in the class.  But we will deal with whatever comes at you.  We will deal with it together and with the support of Miss P.

I think you are ready to go back to school.  Although you love playing at home, and exploring on our adventures, I can see you need more than I can give you here.  The key for this summer was low-key, relaxing, fun.  In general I think we got the balance right. There were times when I found you challenges, times when you really weren’t too keen on me either.  That’s life, that’s a 6 year old boy, who will turn 7 in December, I love you whatever mood you wake up in.

Time to begin Year Two

It’s time to begin Year Two Monkey.  Time to set the alarm 5 times a week, time to rush you through breakfast and get you back into reading your school books.  It’s time for homework, spellings, maths and who knows what else.  It’s time for PE, we both know just how much you love that!  It’s time to see all your friends again.  It’s time to make some new ones.  It’s time to get back into a routine again.

It’s time for me to get used to grumpy afternoons with a worn out little boy at the end of a school day.  It’s time to be nearly knocked over as you rush out of class to greet me (hopefully still) at the end of the school day.

It’s time to face the challenges that the curriculum has imposed.  It’s time to return to reality.  It’s time to be strong, determined and open to new ideas.  It’s time to watch you grow up a little bit more.

Time to begin Year Two means I can get back into a routine whilst you’re at school too. Time for me to try some new things, time for me to tackle the spare room.  How long have I been talking about that!!!  It’s time for me to look back over the last seven weeks and the fun we’ve had.  Holidays in Spain and Cornwall, time spent with friends, time just spent together.

Time to begin Year Two

We’ve laughed, cried and let’s be honest, we’ve both lost our temper at times. But most of all, we’ve loved and we’ve stood together, mother and son.  Remember that I will always be proud of you, I will always try to support and guide you.  It’s time to begin Year Two my son, and when that get’s you down, just start counting down the weeks until your birthday! After all, you’ve been planning your birthday week for at least the last three months.

Time to begin Year Two

I’ll miss you today little buddy, I may enjoy the peace, but a little part of me won’t be there until 3.15pm.


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  1. How lovely and yes it is true when your only boy is at school a small part is somehow missing. This year we start looking at secondry schools so I don’t know where the time has gone. Hold onto those little years as they fly by.

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