Time for a change

Time for a change

As you know we recently moved Monkey from a toddler bed to a big boy single bed.  He loves the change and has taken to his new bed really well. It’s made me wonder if it’s time for a change in our bedroom.  We have a big wooden kingsize bed frame with drawers.

Time for a change

The bed frame is a bit battered, we probably should have changed it when I moved in but it never quite happened.  It’s not my taste particularly, it’s impossible to move, making spring cleaning etc a major event in our bedroom.  I know a lot of people like having drawers on their beds; I’m really not fussed.  We have a large airing cupboard already, so I have plenty of storage space for bedding and towels.  Two of our drawers can’t be opened anyway because our bedside tables butt right up to the bed.  For me, it just doesn’t work.

time for a change

I’d love something like this Hampton bed, sturdy, but without the drawers.  I’d also like to move away from antique pine and change our bedroom furniture to oak.  Did you know that Carpetright sell beds as well as carpets?  I have to be totally honest, I had no idea.  But when I started surfing around and found out, I had a look around the site and was really impressed.  Not only did I find this lovely Hampton bed, they have a whole host of options available in bed frames or divans.

Part of me has always quite fancied a metal bed frame – that’s my childhood of watching the Walton’s and Little House on the Prairie coming through!

tome for a change

I do like this idea, it would mean a total revamp in our bedroom, but perhaps its time for a change and a move away from wood totally. We need something sold – Daddy P is over 17 stone, but I’ve always been a fan of this style of bed.  I’m sure I’d be winding my LED light string around the frame too.

What’s your ideal bed style?  Are you a bed frame or a divan person?  Drawers or not?  How do you feel about your home in general?  Do you like to live in a show home?  (not sure that’s possible with kids!) or do you feel like you are constantly just passing through on the way to school, shopping, swimming or football lessons?  Carpetright are running The House Proud Survey at the moment, you could win a £250 voucher for Virgin’s Chrome Collection of experience days by taking part!

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3 thoughts on “Time for a change

  1. I saved up and bought a metal bed frame, it is one of my pride and joys! I even decorated my current room round it. Maybe it was the whole bednobs and broomsticks thing, as I love how high up it is. plus lots of room for junk underneath!

  2. Our bed frame is horrible….It’s one of those leather one’s and I regret getting it. I would quite happily get an oak one too….They look gorgeous!
    That is a surprise to me that Carpetright sell beds….lol

  3. We were going to buy a new bed when we moved, however, the in laws offered us their gorgeous metal framed bed which I have admired for years. I have to say I love it! There is so much storage under it too. Good luck finding something you love!

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