Time for a watch?

Time for a watch?

Time for a watch?One of Monkey’s cousins bought him a wooden teaching clock as part of his Christmas present.  He likes me telling him the time, I’m not sure he totally gets the concept yet, but we’re working on it.  We had a playdate with one of his NCT buddies earlier this week, and Mr B has two watches, no less!  So is it time for a watch? Time for Monkey to really get to grips with telling the time?  Let’s just hope that his time keeping is better than his father’s!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am always (well almost always!) early, for everything.  Something is wrong if I’m late.  I’ve always believed that being on time is good manners.  I hate bad time keeping, there are times when Daddy P drives me insane with his inability to be on time.  So I want to ensure that Monkey learns about the time, and has no excuse to be late!

I’ve looked at Tikkers watches before, wondered whether I should have got one for Monkey’s birthday last month.  But I decided against it.  Having seen Monkey’s interest in his friend’s watch, perhaps I need to reconsider.

Maybe something like this …..

Kids watchI’ve been having a good look around The Watch Hut website today.  I think Monkey would like this Cannibal Kids watch with the cars on the strap.  The numbers on the dial are clear and are different colours which I think would help to teach Monkey the time.  The only down side I can see with this watch is the strap, it has a buckle fastening, I wonder if Monkey’s wrist would be too small.

So maybe this would be a better option for him …..

Time for a Watch?This Cannibal Kids watch has a velcro strap, probably a better option for Monkey at the moment.  But you lose the numbers in different colours. So maybe not so easy to ‘teach the time’.

So what do you think?  Is it time for a watch?  When did you buy your children their first watch? Are children actually allowed to wear watches to school these days?

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10 thoughts on “Time for a watch?

  1. My boy has had a watch since he was little about 4 I think, he lost the first 2 and even had one taken off him at infant school. He is very proud of his new watch as Grandad took him shopping for it, and at Junior school gets house points for wearing it! He still asks me what the time is though!!

  2. Z can tell the time so he’s had a watch since he was 4. C can’t tell the time yet so I’m not bothering with one until she can tell the time. Z usually wears his to school if he remembers to put it on!

  3. both my kids have quite thin wrist. they each had a watch but keep coming off! we do love wearing watch!

  4. I’ve been told that as soon as your child has a concept of number and can count, not necessarily 1 – 10 but count how many crayons they have etc. and have developed the association of number to inanimate objects, this is the perfect time to start them on learning to understand time and numbers. We did get our daughters a watch when they were around 5 before they started preschool and it took a little while but once they understood the concept of time/numbers, they really took off! Anyway, enjoyed your post!

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