Time to reflect

Today one of my closest friends has lost her father. It was a huge shock, although he was in his late Seventies, it was totally unexpected.

My friend and her family are devastated – naturally. It has left me reflecting on my own family.

There is no certainty as to when you will leave this world, I know that only too well – with friend’s who have lost children as babies/toddlers and seen too many people lose battles with cancer at wildly different ages.

I’ve lost two father-in-law’s, so have seen the pain and anguish that their passing has brought to my two husband’s and their families, and obviously to me too – but it’s not the same as it being your own parent.  I get that. I’ve lost all my grandparents, one Granny had died well before I was even born.  I know the pain I felt on losing the one’s I did know, especially my Granny B, who died just after her 90th birthday.

I cannot imagine losing either of my parents.  The mere thought of it brings me to tears.  The reality is though that the day is getting ever closer, hopefully, they will both be healthy 90-year-olds.  I would love that. If they were, then my son would really have a chance to know and remember them.  Please let me have them for another twenty years. But be healthy years.

It is one of my worse fears about them living in Spain really.  The thought of not being able to get there in time to be with them at the end.  But I guess the likelihood is that most of us aren’t with our parent’s at the end anyway unless it is expected.  I know that’s really morbid, but today has just brought it home to me again – how far away, only being in Spain really is.

Time to raise a glass of wine to a lovely man who is having a party in heaven tonight, and to be thankful that my Mum and Dad are well.

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