Time to say goodbye

Today is the funeral of my best friend’s Father.  She is one of my son’s Godparents.  It’s a sad fact that he will have been to more funerals in his 3 short years than I had been to in the first 25 years of my own life.

I’ve tried to explain that when people and animals die, they go to heaven and keep a watchful eye on those they leave behind.  I know he is too young to really understand, but I think it’s healthy not to hide him from the reality of life.

When we were kids we were not allowed to go to my Papa’s funeral – my Granny’s wishes, not my Mum’s.  Apparently, we were too young.  At 13, I felt, and still do, that I was old enough to understand exactly what had happened, and that as a grandchild I had the right to say goodbye to my beloved Papa. When my Granny passed away nearly 9 years ago now, her service was at the same place as Papas.  For me, on that day, it was like losing both of them, but I got to say my goodbye’s to my Papa at last.

Today we say goodbye to a good man.  We made him a rose to say farewell x

A single red rose for JC

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