Timeless – #ThePhotoGallery

I have missed a number of weeks of #ThePhotoGallery lately, so time to make amends. The theme this week is One Word, and mine is ……Timeless.


I remember being a child and fighting to get to the dandelion clocks before my brother. Holding them and blowing, one o’clock, two, o’clock.  It’s a timeless pleasure.  Now I’ve rolled the clock forward 40 odd years and Monkey rushes to get to them before me.  Yes, I’m still a kid at heart!

Mummy, look I’m blowing!  Timeless fun, timeless entertainment, a bit of nature that never changes.  As gardeners we curse dandelions in our lawns, but would we really want a world without this?

6 thoughts on “Timeless – #ThePhotoGallery

  1. I love dandelion clocks. We call them fairies and we make a wish as we blow. Gorgeous photo.

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