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Photo books are the perfect way in which to preserve your happiest memories in photographic print form. Your photo albums may feature event landmarks like your wedding, milestone birthdays, and anniversaries, and/or special occasions, holidays and your children’s achievements. Containing precious snapshots of your life, these photo books are absolutely priceless.

Decorating the cover of your photo albums allows you to create unique and personalised keepsakes that you and your family will cherish and treasure for many years to come.

If you’re looking for design inspiration for photo book cover decoration, here are our Top 10 creative ideas…

1. The Big Day

A wedding day is one of the most special and magical events in someone’s life. It’s therefore not surprising that wedding photo albums become highly prized possessions.

Your wedding photos deserve to be beautifully presented in elegant photo albums that tell your unique love story with the turn of every page. This photo book cover should feature your favourite couple photo, and a title the sums up how you feel about being wed to such a wonderful person.

2. Family Matters

The birth of children is something that is worthy of celebrating in a grand style. If you have a family, your children are highly likely to be the most important people in your world.
Photo albums are ideal for showing off your firstborn and your growing brood to everyone. You can create uniquely personalised photo books for each child in your family, and also photo albums that commemorate precious moments in family life.

If the photo album is personalised, it’s a nice idea to pick out your favourite photo that highlights the character and personality of the star attraction. Feature it on the cover of your photo book, and finish with a meaningful title.

3. Through The Generations

Photo albums are widely considered to be priceless family heirlooms that are passed down through the generations. To ensure that your photo album is fondly commemorated, decorate its cover with a wow factor photograph of your family.

4. Achievements & Accolades

Those special moments in life – like sporting achievements, graduation, and career success – definitely merit preservation in stylish hardcover photo albums.

Your photo book cover can hint or highlight the theme of the photographs you have selected to highlight the accolades. This type of photo album is perfect for proudly displaying your son or daughter’s sporting prowess and other equally impressive award recognitions.

5. A Personal Perspective

While journaling is a popular way to record your thoughts, feelings, emotions and other things that you contemplate, not everyone feels comfortable putting it all down in writing.

A photo album journal makes a great alternative to a personal diary and can be filled with photos of absolutely anything. This photo album allows you to present a personal perspective on your world. You can decorate the cover with a photo of yourself, or with a snap that holds a special meaning.

6. The Road Not Taken

If you’re an avid globetrotter you’ll undoubtedly have a ton of photos taken on your travels all over the world. To make these heart-warming and inspiring images more easily accessible, it’s an excellent idea to present them in beautiful travel-themed photo albums.

You can create a stunning travelogue photo book that is of a high class, glossy magazine standard, or a coffee table book that everyone will want to pick up, by showing off your most eye-catching, striking or dramatic photo on the front cover.

Preserving the memories of your holidays, weekend getaways, spontaneous road trips, and other adventures, in this stylish manner creates an enviable collection of your wanderlust dreams that were made a reality and transformed into print.

7. Your Favourite Place In The World

Starting a collection of photos of your favourite city, or country you have visited is a lovely way to preserve memories of your travels. The destination featured inside the pages of your photo book will offer cover decoration inspiration that you can make your own.

8. Pampered Pets

If you have a much-loved family pet, you may want to dedicate one of your photo albums entirely to them. Give your faithful four-legged friend the well-deserved spotlight by creating a photo book that they star in. Choose your favourite photo of your dog, cat or other creature, decorate your photo book cover with it, and title it with their name.

9. Random Stuff

Advancements in technology have made it super easy to take and store photographic images. As a result, most people have thousands of digital photographs on their mobile devices. Photo albums that are solely dedicated to quirky and fun random stuff make it easy to share your favourite pics with friends and members of your family.

Decorate your ‘random stuff’ photo book cover with a bold statement photograph that grabs everyone’s attention. Your collection of wild, funny and poignant snaps are likely to inspire your friends to follow your photo book trend.

10. Review Photo Books

To create a truly unique and memorable collection of photographs, you can present your favourite selfies and candid photos that highlight some of the best moments of an entire year. Review photo albums are a great way to get members of your family to contribute to a joint project. Select the perfect photo that sums up the year, and feature it as your cover shot.

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