Top 5 Ways to Restore Thick Hair – AD hosted post

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A full head of healthy, thick hair is a desire many people have. However, it is a wish that can seem
more difficult to achieve as the ageing process takes its toll. Whether you have lost volume over
the years or you have naturally thin hair, boosting the thickness of your mane can be accomplished
with a few top tips. Here are five ways that will help you enhance your hair quality and achieve
luscious locks.

Brush Regularly
Brushing your hair gently yet deliberately every day can help remove loose hair while encouraging
natural oil distribution. Distributing natural oils can help make your hair appear shinier, and it can
also stop it from getting damaged. In addition to regularly brushing your hair, make sure you use the right brush.

Use High Quality Hair Products
When it comes to your hair care routine, always make sure you use high quality hair products.
Choose brands that use healthy, quality ingredients. Certain brands may use clever marketing to
make consumers believe they can thicken hair. However, there are certain ingredients that can do
more damage than good. For instance, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is a chemical that is added to
create a bubbly lather. Although this lather may feel like it is cleaning and thickening your hair, it
can actually break down your hair and rid it of natural oils. Additionally, parabens are used to
elongate the life of a product, but this additive can also have an impact on your body’s hormones.
Instead of spending money on products filled with chemicals, do your research and choose a
product with natural ingredients that are gentle on your hair.

FUE Hair Transplant
Sometimes adopting the right brushing techniques and using hair-boosting products is just not
enough. If your hair is thinning at an alarming rate, consider a follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair
transplant. This minimally invasive treatment can give you thicker hair in no time, and the hair transplant results are impressive. It involves transplanting singular follicles from one area of the
body to the area where the patient requires more hair. There is a high success rate, with 98 per
cent of patients enjoying healthier, thicker hair post-treatment.

Reduce Your Use of Hot Tools
Another easy way to keep your hair healthy and reduce breakages is to decrease your use of hot
hair tools. Although many people have a habit of using a hot hairdryer, curling tools or hair
straighteners at least once a day, regular use can truly damage your tresses. If you cannot
completely give up these hot tools, try to use these tools at a lower temperature and make sure
you use heat-resistant spray beforehand.

Eat Nutrient-Rich Food
Everyone knows that eating healthily can affect your physical health, but some may not realise that
adopting a nutrient-rich diet can also boost hair health too. Food items that are rich in vitamins,
healthy fats and protein can strengthen hair and boost growth. Nuts, oily fish, Greek yoghurt and
eggs are a great place to start.

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