Travelling with kids

Travelling with kids

Have you heard that there’s a royal baby due?  Well in fact he or she is overdue, but that’s babies for you, unpredictable even before they’ve left the womb. Of course once they’ve arrived the fun really begins and the highs and lows of travelling with kids soon dawns on you.

Travelling with kids

From those first tentatives trips out in the car – travelling with kids – have I strapped the car seat in ok?  Thankfully a relative lent us their Isofix base – godsend.  What will I do if he wakes up and I’m stuck in traffic?  Have I got the baby car seat mirror set up properly?

Seems so long ago now that Monkey ever sat in a baby seat.  Of course, when you fly abroad you might have the stress of hiring a car seat – will it be ok, will it be comfy, can I figure out how the straps actually work?

Travelling with kids

Then before you know it, they are growing up and wanting to know exactly how many minutes it will be before they arrive at the airport, beach, theme park, etc, etc, etc!  I no longer need to think about a plentiful supply of nappies and baby milk.  Now I’m in the realms of full on in-car entertainment!

Webuyanycar are looking at the best car seats, and family cars this year and alongside that they’ve asked me for my tips on travelling with kids.

Travelling with kids

I’m often driving along with my 5 year old Monkey, so I have to plan ahead, that’s a given.

He always has snacks and a drink to hand.

I long ago gave up any rights to listening to my CD’s in the car, he has a whole host of kids CD’s and will make his selection before we start the journey.  He much prefers going on long journeys in Daddy P’s car, as he has a multi disc player, my poor old car, doesn’t have the same high-tech choices unfortunately.

Monkey still loves to travel with his favourite teddy, no long journey is possible with Teddy or Mr Tickles accompanying us.  Yes, they do travel overseas too!

Games are becoming a new feature on our trips out in the car.  Harder for an only child in the back of a car, but the old classics don’t need anything other than imagination – eye spy is always a winner.  We also count bridges, tractors (this is my son after all) and animal spotting kept Monkey and his school chums entertained on a school trip yesterday.

I’m not one for handing over gadgets easily, but I know others swear by iPads, DS and the like to keep their kids amused in the car.  I’m sure I’m living on borrowed time, but we will remain a car journey gadget free family for a while longer.

In car DVD players can be another excellent idea for keeping children entertained.  Not something I’ve tried as yet, but know my brother always recommended them when he was out and about with his three children.

What would you suggest to make travelling with kids easier?

disclaimer:  this is a collaborative post

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