Tricks and treats with Monkey

Tricks and treats with Monkey

The last couple of weeks have seen a few tricks and treats with Monkey.  Again, his confidence is growing and he’s willing to try new things.  He quite happily dresses up at home, but is not keen on dressing up for parties, school events and the like.  Trick or treat has been a non-event for us in the past.  I’ve bought in sweets and we’ve handed them out at the door, we’ve decorated the house and made all sorts of spooky foods, but that’s as far as Monkey’s involvement in Halloween has been.

All that was set to change this year.  Half way through half term Monkey started asking about going trick or treating.  He said he thought he’d like to try it.  Ok, well you have your costume, and if you want to go, of course we can.  I quickly sped off to buy a bucket, along with sweets for any visitors we might have.  I also bought some Halloween pumpkin chocolates, and decided to arrange a treasure hunt for Halloween morning for Monkey. That way, if he decided he didn’t want to go trick or treating after all, he’d still had some fun.

We’d spent the day with a friend and when we got home the first thing Monkey asked was if he could get ready to go out.  Ok, you can, but you understand that we have to knock on doors, and in fact you have to do that.  I’ll be right behind you.  Yes Mummy. Ok. So off he went to get changed.

Tricks and treats with Monkey

I wasn’t sure how our evening would go, I thought we’d try a couple of neighbours that Monkey knows well first, so at least he’d have a few positive responses. So we set off, on what would be a first trick or treat experience for us both, I don’t remember Halloween really being a big thing when I was a child.

After our neighbours it was time to venture into uncharted territory, luckily we bumped into a little girl who’s in ~Reception that Monkey is friends with.  It was her first experience too, so we decided it would be more fun for the kids to walk around together. Monkey and his Witch companion A, had so much fun and it was lovely to see Monkey’s confidence grow in the short time we were out.  By the end of our walk he was impersonating a ghost and really enjoying himself. What a change a year makes.

Before we knew it, it was time to go back to school, the holidays were over until Christmas. We had the usual reluctance to go, but as soon as we arrived, he walked straight into class. Phew. Later in the week something rather unexpected and rather marvelous arrived.  I mentioned it in my 365 post, but will share it again for those that didn’t catch it.

Monkey received a bit of post, proper snail mail post.  In fact a postcard from his teacher and the head of school.

Tricks and treats with Monkey

His postcard reads:

To Monkey, Praise for showing great self belief and resilience. Wow! What an amazing start to Year One!

What an amazing piece of post.  It got me all emotional, you know me.  But he has come so far since the start of term in September.  His teacher doesn’t recognise him as the child he was told about in Reception.  One of his old key workers, a neighbour, has told me how proud they all are of him.  He’s feeling happy, content and confident in his surroundings. He’s trying really hard with his reading, writing and maths.  But for me, what is way more important is that he’s joining in, he’s making friends, more friends, he will speak up in class and interact.  I’ve seen this for myself.  It’s wonderful.

His 6th Birthday is fast approaching, and I’m so excited for what the future holds for him. I had so many concerns for him over the summer, but my son is amazing me each and every day.  We often moan about the tantrums and when things don’t go quite right.  But right now I just want to concentrate on those wonderful moments, when I’m surprised by my son.  Being a parent is the hardest job in the world, nothing really prepares you for it, today we should be celebrating a siblings 4th birthday, heartbreakingly we’re not. But boy, have I got the most wonderful gift in the world.  I have my Monkey, and it’s such a joy to see him coming into his own.



9 thoughts on “Tricks and treats with Monkey

  1. It’s so wonderful to hear how well he’s getting on and really coming into his own now. And the school are brilliant sending that postcard, too, such a lovely way to celebrate with him. I’m nearly crying here for you, so I totally understand that you would shed a tear! x

  2. It is so magical to watch they before your eyes grow into more confident little people. Well done Monkey! He looked really fab too, a great costume! #SSAAchievements

  3. First time here- found you in #SSAAchievements
    What a lovely card to get in the post!
    And it sounds like he’s coming on so much – it really is a great start to year 1.
    Love the Halloween photo.
    Look forward to reading more about your little Monkey xxx

  4. Aww, lovely post to read. He looks great in his costume and what a good idea to have a Halloween treasure hunt – I might have to poach that as my two could not do trick or treating at all.
    The postcard is such a nice touch, so pleased he’s doing so well and thanks for linking up with #SSAmazingAchievements

  5. What a wonderful post. I’m so glad Monkey enjoyed Halloween, love the idea of a treasure hunt too. It sounds like he had lots of fun. Monkey really is making fantastic progress it’s so lovely to see. Sending you a hug too x

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