Unwrapping presents on Christmas Day

Unwrapping presents on Christmas Day

You’ll have to excuse me for being so far behind with my Christmas posts – blame Monkey for passing on his germs!  When Monkey woke up in the morning, he was amazed to see his Santa stocking by his bed filled with parcels!  Mummy Father Christmas has been!!!!  He shouted as he came running into my room.  The magic had begun.  He opened his Santa stocking in bed, and was thrilled that Father Christmas had sent him a new toothbrush (easily pleased), along with a new submarine for the bath, satsuma, chocolate coins etc.  He also got a personalised colouring book from Father Christmas himself. He was ready for more fun – unwrapping presents on Christmas Day downstairs!

We then headed off downstairs, there were only crumbs left where the mince-pie had been left the night before.  But something else was waiting for Monkey on the kitchen table.

Unwrapping presents on Christmas DayThere on the kitchen table was his very own Snow Dog, who was guarding a special personalised certificate from Father Christmas.  Monkey had made it to the nice list!  He was a very happy little boy.

Unwrapping presents on Christmas DayCome on Snow Dog!  I think I can see some presents in the Living Room!

Unwrapping presents on Christmas DayAre all these for ME Mummy?  Yes, Monkey, I think so. WOW! We quickly fired up the laptop for some ‘Granny-cam’ time so Granny and Gramps could watch Monkey unwrap his presents, from their home in Spain.

Unwrapping presents on Christmas DayThen the fun began!  I must say that it was a little easier to take photo’s of Monkey opening Christmas presents than it was on his birthday!  He took a little more time to open everything up.  Luckily only a couple of presents needed batteries, his new radio controlled car and his Innotab.  Other than that it was a battery free Christmas!  Just the kind I like.

There were lots of imaginative play ideas within his presents, lots of construction, puzzles and games and lots of books of course!  There was one toy, a slow toy, a brightly coloured wooden toy, that Monkey couldn’t wait to play with when he’d finished unwrapping presents on Christmas Day.  The Wonderworld Trix Track Hammer Slammer which I’d bought through The Toadstool! While he went upstairs with Daddy P to get dressed, I set it up, along with the 2 Way Flipper that we’ve had for some time, from the same range.

unwrapping presents on Christmas Day unwrapping presents on Christmas Day unwrapping presents on Christmas Day unwrapping presents on Christmas Day

We had lots of fun getting the balls rolling around the ball tracks on each set, they are very different.  Monkey was quite impressed with aspects of his new addition.  I promised him that we’d combine the two Trix Tracks after Christmas dinner.  He was one very happy little Monkey, one who truly believes in Father Christmas, one who’d had an amazing time unwrapping presents on Christmas Day.

I’m linking this post to the Merry Christmas Slow Toys Linky hosted by the Toadstool 🙂

5 thoughts on “Unwrapping presents on Christmas Day

  1. Love your Granny-Cam! It must be difficult to see relatives overseas as much as you’d like, great idea! Sounds like you had a great Christmas 🙂

    1. We webcam them once a week so Monkey can have some sort of relationship with them and always webcam on his birthday and Christmas so that my parents don’t miss out. It is tough, especially as they are the only grandparents Monkey has, but he doesn’t know any different.

  2. Lovely to see him concentrating on the TrixTracks so much. I hope he will enjoy them for many years to come! His play will develop over time!
    Hope this fab #slowtoy added to the Christmas excitement!

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