monkeys bed, updating monkey's bedroom

Updating Monkey’s bedroom – a toddler boy’s bedroom

As you’ve seen recently we now have a new duvet for my Monkey son, and have added some new wall stickers to his transport themed walls.  We now need to make a decision on his new single bed and a wardrobe to finish updating Monkey’s bedroom.

updating monkey's bedroom

He’s growing so fast and I can’t believe we are looking at single beds already.  He has a lovely pine toddler bed, and his chest of drawers are nice solid pine too, so we want to keep the rest of his furniture along the same lines.  We do have a slight problem, I have rather a lot of clothes and so Daddy P has his wardrobe in his bedroom, hence he doesn’t actually have a wardrobe yet.  We’ve got away with that so far, and I’ve borrowed a little of Daddy P’s wardrobe to hang his school trousers up in.  This we probably need to move some furniture around and look at the spare room AKA dumping zone / my book space, but I’m avoiding that at the moment!

Anyway, back to the job in hand, updating Monkey’s bedroom!  For his wardrobe, we only really need hanging space as his chest of drawers is on the large size and will easily manage tops and jumpers etc for years to come. Something like this would be ideal. It would give Monkey the hanging space he needs now and for the years to come.  Don’t really want to have to buy another wardrobe in a few years time, I want something to last.

monkeys room, updating monkey's bedroom

For his bed, I’d obviously want something matching and with storage space underneath – for either toy boxes or his beloved train set!  Something like this would be ideal I think.

monkeys bed, updating monkey's bedroom

So it looks as if I’ve seen a nice single wardrobe and a bed that would offer his bedroom furniture solutions.  What do you think? Anything I’ve missed?  or should have thought about – let me know 🙂


8 thoughts on “Updating Monkey’s bedroom – a toddler boy’s bedroom

  1. We’re about to redecorate Z’s room. Storage is definitely a need with all the toys they have. What about a cabin style bed with drawers and shelves?

  2. They look great. It’s sad when you have to say goodbye to the toddler bed isn’t it. We bought Little Mr A a cabin bed so there is lots of room underneath for all sorts of rubbish! He loves it too 🙂

  3. Yes, a little extra storage space underneath is always a good idea (though my daughter prefers to use under her bed as a tunnel, so hers remains empty!) A wardrobe, bed, chest covers most of it, I think, though I’ve always loved the idea of a little reading corner/nook, too, and have seen a few gorgeous ideas on Pinterest that I’ll try to incorporate into my two’s rooms at some point.

  4. we bought a mid sleeper so that the boy could keep the floor space for more Lego. I bought a unit which has 6 coloured plastic crates for all the toys and if I find something on the floor while hoovering I just throw it in a box its very useful and of course a bookcase essential!

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