Van Gogh Sunflowers

Van Gogh Sunflowers #MiniMasterpiece

I’m a big fan of the work of Vincent Van Gogh in general and my parents have a print of Sunflowers in their living room in Spain.  They grow these wonderful flowers in Southern Spain, I’ve just never managed to time a visit to coincide with seeing fields of these golden blooms.  We have an annual sunflower growing contest here, so Monkey has grown to love them too.  When the team at Galt asked us if we’d like to take part in this months #MiniMasterpiece challenge, as soon as I saw it was for Van Gogh Sunflowers – we were in.

We received some lovely art materials and a template of the original Van Gogh Sunflowers and then it was over to Monkey to have some fun.  Last Saturday we were having a home morning, perfect timing to get creative.

Van Gogh Sunflowers

I thought the Finger Paints would be straight out and chaos would reign.  But no! Monkey was really quite organised and knew what he wanted.  We went through the wonderful Art Jar and found all sorts of paper, baubles, pipe cleaners and glue.  He asked me to cut him out some triangles and he set to work scrunching up some crepe paper. Then I sat back and watched my little artist at work, recreating Van Gogh Sunflowers.

Given an idea of what he wants to create Monkey is really becoming quite focussed.  I was really impressed by his concentration.  He knew exactly what he wanted his #MiniMasterpiece to look like and I could just enjoy watching him.

So this is Monkey’s take on Van Gogh Sunflowers …..  Our entry in the Galt #MiniMasterpiece competition for August.  Not bad for a little boy who will be 5 in December.

Van Gogh Sunflowers

He really enjoyed the whole process.  I’d printed off a couple of the templates in case we had a disaster.  He grabbed the second sheet and was off again. The second picture will be going to a friend who has had the worst possible week.  Monkey knows that her and her family are very sad and he wanted to make them smile. His idea; a lovely one.

Van Gogh Sunflowersdisclaimer:  we were sent the art supplies shown in order for us to take part in this competition



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