Visiting the #TowerPoppies #CountryKids

Visiting the #TowerPoppies #CountryKids

We were in London on two different Sundays back in August and September and decided to walk along the embankment on both occasions to visit the #TowerPoppies.  Both Daddy P and I grew up watching the Remembrance Day ceremony in London.  You may remember we took Monkey to the Cenotaph last year (where has that year gone!).  We both have family who fought in the two World Wars, both have grandfathers who returned from the First World War and I have family who died in both wars.  To my mind, we should always remember the sacrifice made by our forebears.  We will certainly be making Monkey aware of his family history in the years to come.

We had varying weather on our visits.  In August we got caught in a flash storm by the #TowerPoppies, but on both visits we looked on in awe at the view before us.  On our visit in August we watched volunteers planting the poppies, it was really interesting.  Watching them spread out across the lawns of the Tower of London was just so poignant.  So many lives lost, so many families torn apart.

Visiting the #TowerPoppies

Monkey was mesmerised on our first visit to the #TowerPoppies and when we came out of an event at Tower Bridge in September, it was Monkey who was first to ask to go back to see the Poppies.

Visiting the #TowerPoppies over a 2 month period, I wish we’d been able to go again before Remembrance Day, but that’s not possible.  Here’s a collage of our visits:

We’ve ordered one of the poppies.  I like the idea of having a lasting memorial at home to my great uncles, one who died in France in 1915 and one who died in a POW camp in Indonesia in 1944.  Two men who I obviously never got to meet, but who helped to give me the life I live, the life Monkey can live.

We all wear our poppies with pride, this year I have a lovely knitted one which you might have spotted on my Instagram feed.

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15 thoughts on “Visiting the #TowerPoppies #CountryKids

  1. It must have been quite an experience, especially being able to see it at slightly different times of the year. I think it’s a stunning memorial. I agree totally with you about the importance of remembering.

  2. I am a foreigner in this country and I am in awe of how you celebrate and give honor to the soldiers who died. My grandfather fought a war in my country and I have heard so many amazing stories of it firsthand from him but he died w/o any honor from my country. He should be given one but no matter how my country neglect these great people, I am always proud of what he did of what he and the other soldiers who fought with him. #countrykids

  3. Gosh, it must be such a moving sight to see and I don’t think we can fully get that from your beautiful photographs. We’ve had lots of chats about the poppies and its meaning here at home, especially when the kiddos moan about insignificant things. So important to remember. Beautiful x

  4. I’ve loved seeing these photos on Country Kids and even on the news today. I wish I had had the chance to visit too. I think it will be February before I next get to London and despite the petition running to keep it I think it will be gone by then. How wonderful to be able to take Monkey and see it all for real. Everyone knows someone whose life was effected and it is such a good way to remember it all. It will be Parade for my boys in the morning, lets hope it is dry for everyone. thank you for sharing your photos with me on Country Kids.

  5. It is truly amazing, it was really interesting to hear Chris Evans interviewing the artist the other day too. I’ve not had chance to see it and probably won’t. We also had family in both wars, although all but one came home again. Such a poignant memorial – I’m proud of the way our country celebrates our soldiers.

    N’s been learning about poppies at nursery and the significance – seems so young, I can’t believe he’d really understand, but he seems really proud of the poppy they created for the wall there.

  6. It really does look stunning, I can’t imagine what it is like to actually be there. It has been really interesting listening to E really take an interest in it all this year. Beautiful pictures.

  7. I wish we had made it up to see them. Must have been great to see them being planted and then again when they were grown.

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