Walking around Brill

Walking around Brill #Countrykids

I’m as guilty as the next person of not enjoying what is right under my nose.  We are surrounded by lovely countryside here and really it’s very easy to get outdoors without travelling a long distance.  Earlier this month we did just that, and spent an afternoon walking around Brill, a village which really is beautiful, on our doorstep and with a family connection.

Walking around Brill

Monkey’s grandfather used to go to school in Brill as a child and Daddy P can remember having family in the village.  It’s a really quaint, typical English village but it becomes very popular due to its main attraction.

Walking around Brill

The view from Brill hill over the windmill is breathtaking on a clear day – you really can see for miles across the Bucks/Oxon borders.  The windmill itself dates from the 1680’s and was in use until 1923.  These days, although no longer working, it’s open to the public on the first Sunday of every month through the summer.  We couldn’t persuade Monkey to climb the steep steps into the mill itself, so we walked around Brill instead.

We started walking around the field which houses the windmill and came across a little hidden treasure in the form of Hartwells Barn.

While there were lots of families around the windmill, this area was totally deserted and gave us more wonderful views.  I think we might have to bring a picnic next time.

We obviously had to have a closer look at the windmill whilst walking around Brill. Monkey had seen one very similar when we visited Avoncroft Museum recently, so he was full of chatter about it.  One of my ancestors was a miller in another Buckinghamshire windmill that sadly no longer exists so we wondered if it might have looked as lovely as this one.

There always used to be an ice cream van on duty near the windmill, but he was awol on the day we visited.  So it gave Monkey the perfect incentive to walk around the village and see if the corner shop had anything he fancied.

His luck was in and we sat looking over towards the village church whilst he indulged.

It’s possible to do a circular walk around the village which passes through the park – incentive number 2.

Of course, as we were walking around Brill, we were always on the look out for our little friends! (pre wash phobia setting in).

We headed off along the footpath which would lead us back to our, enjoying the views as we walked.

We spent a perfect afternoon walking around Brill, just proving that we really shouldn’t overlook what is on our doorstep!

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18 thoughts on “Walking around Brill #Countrykids

  1. The windmill is beautiful, and the village looks lovely too. It looks like Monkey had a great time at the park! And, an ice cream is a good incentive for most things 🙂 #countrykids

  2. It looks perfect for a walk. Windmills are so fascinating, I could watch them for hours and you’re right about appreciating things on our door step x

  3. I’ve never heard of Brill, but it looks a really beautiful place.
    My dad’s uncle had a windmill too. He lived in it until he died in the 80s, but I don’t think it had worked since the 60s. I’d forgotten all about that until I went to Avoncroft a couple of weeks ago.

  4. That does look lovely, you’re right about enjoying what’s on your doorstep too. It’s so easy to overlook. A lovely place to explore, fancy taking a look myself next time we’re down your way x

  5. I’ve only ever driven through Brill on an alternative commute home from my old job, and never knew there was a windmill. It looks lovely, and makes a nice day out.

    Lovely photos.

  6. When I saw the picture of the windmill I guessed it was Brill! My mum’s cousin lives in Brill so we visited when I was younger. Haven’t been back for years though. #countrykids

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