This week’s theme for The Theme Game, hosted by Redpeffer and The Reading Residence is Water.

Water and I are not the best of friends!

I write two posts lasts Spring about my relationship with water.  In the first, I talked about facing my fear of water so that Monkey could enjoy the swimming pool.  I admire anyone who overcomes a phobia, I know just how terrifying they can be, how something so ordinary to others, can be such an ordeal.  I never scoff at others phobias of spiders, flying etc.  In my second post I shared THE bravest thing I’ve ever done (IMHO anyway), when I took part in an undersea walk whilst in Mauritius in 1994.  When I could not swim at all.

Undersea Walk, Mauritius 1994

I may look as if I’m smiling, it was pure terror, trust me, I was shaking like a leaf when the current wasn’t trying to grab me!

So what could I bring to the table that’s new?  Well, I guess, the fact that Monkey seems to have no real fear of the water at all – thankfully. He’s not particularly keen on putting his head under the water, and I really, really can’t do that myself with any confidence.  But other than that, he seems to be taking after Daddy P.  A man who spent his younger days jet skiing from Poole to the Isle of Wight and back regularly.  That would be my idea of pure hell.

We took Monkey to Bournemouth last summer, his first time on the beach.  He loved it, still talks about it, wants to go back. Today preferably.  He wants to get back in the sea, with Daddy P, crashing through the waves, getting wet, turning blue!  I wish we could afford a decent holiday, somewhere warm, where he could splash about in the water for hours without catching pneumonia.  I wish I could get his father to take a holiday,  two weeks, two weeks by the sea – I can dream.

But for now, when I think of water, it’s less about me and my personal feelings and more about Monkey and his joy of being in it, his love of the waves, splashing, having fun, just as ir should be.  Water, I’m so glad Monkey likes you more than I do!

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25 thoughts on “Water

  1. So pleased monkey loves the sea, I do but still have a fear of water, that goes back to my childhood. My boy seems to be developing a dislike of water at the moment, I am hoping this will just blow over when the sun comes back to the beach!

  2. That underwater walk looks amazing and terrifying all at the same time. There is no way I would have been brave enough to do that with my fear of the sea. It looks like Monkey had a great time on the beach and it is fab news that he isn’t scared of water. Well done!

  3. What beautiful pictures, although it does look a touch chilly! I’m so impressed you were able to conquer your fears, especially with the under sea walk-that’s just fantastic. Thank you for sharing and linking up with #TheThemeGame

  4. I remember those posts, I was so impressed with the walk 🙂 I’m really glad Monkey isn’t afraid of the water xx #TheThemeGame

  5. 6yo is the same, no fear of water at all thankfully. I on the other hand would stay out of the sea all the time given the chance. I’m not sure what I’m going to do this summer when we go to Disney as I’m going to be swimming with dolphins. I do not want to chicken out of that.

  6. Tigger doesn’t really like going swimming or splashing in puddles which given he is a boy I’m totally shocked by. So pleased that Monkey enjoyed playing in the sea and obviously remembers the time fondly/

  7. I’ve always been a water baby, but even I was scared of the thought of scuba diving as it seemed such an alien world. So massive kudos to you for the underwater walk! Glad Monkey doesn’t have any fear of it yet, and can enjoy it. I hope it lasts!

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