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What a week!

So the start of a new term can certainly be challenging can’t it! Monkey spent most of the holidays asking when he could go back to school.  Not to say that he wasn’t enjoying himself, I just think he likes his routine.  I knew we’d have a few issues getting back into the school routine, but boy what a week!

Getting up early again has been a shock to the system for both of us this week, I knew it would be.  We’d got used to lazy mornings, getting up when Monkey woke up, rather than to my alarm clock.  I had thought that it would take Monkey a day, and then we’d be heading for a meltdown on Wednesday. Wrong!  What a week!  Tuesday, he was full of chatter on the way home from Nursery School, happy to be on his scooter, not so happy to have a new teacher.  I’m sure she’s fine, I’m sure he will like her, it’s something different.  We had a nice couple of hours, playing, chatting, reading, being together.  Then the fun began.  Two and half hours of solid, and I mean solid, screaming, crying, hitting, kicking. He was shattered, but nothing would calm him down.  I still have no idea what started the meltdown.  Something to do with his train track, something I should have done.  I don’t know.  It continued all throughout dinner, he didn’t eat dinner, and then the job of getting him to bed. What a week!  By the time I finally got him into bed and asleep, I was in tears.  I find it so exhausting, nothing seems to work.

So Wednesday is a new day, we start again. We needed to change his library books after school, it’s a trip he loves.  We picked 6 new books to bring home.  He also needed some new casual shoes so we went to the nearest Clarks outlet to get his ever-growing feet measured.  He was happy, we bought a pair of shoes with Rex Roller for My 1st JCB on the side.  We got home all is still well with the world.  Until dinner time, meltdown, won’t eat anything, an hour later, eats his veg and a bit of meat. Oh what a week!

Thursday and tonight have been just as bad, refusing to eat food I know he does like, that’s why I’ve cooked it.  Screaming, kicking, and boy is he getting strong, biting, throwing things.  He woke Daddy P up with all his meltdown tonight. I actually had a bit of help tonight. What a week!

What a week

Bless him, I know he is shattered, I know it’s all about getting back into a routine, doesn’t make it any easier to cope with day-to-day though.  One worn out Mummy on a Friday night.

Any words of wisdom out there?

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  1. I’m afraid I don’t have any words of wisdom, but I do understand. My daughter was like that (and to a certain extent still is if very tired) up until Year 2 (but there were other things going on too so don’t start panicking that it will last this long!) I’ve been there, been in tears, wrenched my heart thinking it was me failing my child but I now think some children are more naturally able to adjust to things like this than others. Hang in there and sending hugs xx

  2. Oh poor you. I’m not sure I have any words of wisdom, I have been there, and can’t remember what stopped all the screaming if I’m honest. Hopefully he’ll settle back into school again next week. It could be a mixture of over excitement from xmas, tiredness from sleeping in, strangeness from new teacher and everything just blows up.

  3. oh sorry to dear about the meltdowns. I think it is hard when there’s transition times and changes – my son struggles a lot with that too. We usually find september a hard time (not necessarily because of school because he’s been homeschooled for 3 years) but even the changes in weather and seasons can upset him. Hope things settle down for you. just keep remembering (like it seems you do) that each day is a new day and a chance for a fresh start. With J we find OT helps (‘The out of sync child’ is a book we found really helpful – but J has sensory issues that were triggering his meltdowns at times so might not be any use to you xxx

  4. Mary try dinner earlier like 3.30/4 then a snack before bed bath. i know from other mums when there kids have started school full time ( i know f hasn’t yet) that they get melt downs like this. so they have dinner as soon as home from school full( i know monkey does mornings) but 3.30 ish. Worth a try. we all have our difficult timed monkey has melt downs but lie ins and my two keep me up all night and not had to set an alarm clock for 4 yrs zzzzzz x x

    1. Someone else suggested that too, bit reluctant to do it really, no way I can eat that early and don’t fancy reheating my dinner later. Going to try dinner at lunch times instead if I can and go from there. I know, we can’t have everything can we – I’d be dead if Monkey got up super early like your boys!

  5. This sounds familiar! Although Ethan hasn’t been quite that bad he has definitely been struggling to adjust back to the school routine again. Hope Monkey settles down a bit more this week and you have a better time with him x

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