When Monkey met Granny

When Monkey met Granny

We’ve had a bit of a day here today.  My old PC died a while ago and I can’t currently access most of my photos.  This morning Daddy P ‘did something’ to his laptop and we thought that had died too.  So at one point earlier today I thought I’d lost all access to everything.  Luckily the laptop issue was much easier to sort out that my PC, so we’re back in action – phew!  It did make me realise that I really do need to put the photos from here onto disc asap.  Also it made me look through some of my Facebook photos.  I found some lovely old ones including this one, from when Monkey met Granny for the first time.

When Monkey met GrannyI love this photo. When Monkey met Granny, love at first cuddle.

My parents live in Spain, so weren’t here for Monkey’s birth.  Monkey shares the same birthday as my brothers eldest daughter, so a special date for Granny and Gramps. We’d agreed with my Mum that she would come over for a visit once I’d got settled into a routine.  She booked her flights for mid January 2010 and we started to count down the days until they would meet.

It nearly ended in disaster when Monkey caught an infection and we ended up in the local Children’s hospital, a couple of days before Mum was due to arrive.  Fancy coming all the way from Spain, for Monkey and me to have been in hospital!  Thankfully he did really well and was allowed home in time for Granny’s visit.

Granny did really well, she’s not the most confident or worldly-wise person, and does tend to get lost at the drop of a hat.  I think Gramps and I were both worried about her getting on the right flight and ending up in the right country!  But she made it, and got to spend a week with her youngest grandson.

Of course a certain young man will never remember when Monkey met Granny, but I do.  A week of lots of cuddles, a week of getting up with me in the night, a lot!  A week of helping me adjust to being a Mum, of adjusting to having this little man in my life.  A week of Mum getting used to her daughter being a Mum.  Something she never thought would happen.  A magical time, a week that flew so fast.  A week that saw us plan a road and boat trip so that Monkey would meet Gramps.  I can see another post coming on now!

A magic moment – when Monkey met Granny 🙂


17 thoughts on “When Monkey met Granny

  1. Aww so sweet. We actually have the same photo. Mine is when my son is less than a month and he met 2 grannys. Its always lovely to see ‘first’ photos. Thanks for sharing. #whatsthestory

  2. Ah computer problems are horrible aren’t they! What a lovely photo and great memories of a very special time. At least putting your photos on your blog they are safe from the computer!

  3. Aww that’s such a gorgeous photo Mary and what a great story too. Must have been great going through all those photos. So glad you’re laptop is alright. Thank you so much for sharing #whatsthestory

  4. Such a sweet photo. My Mum doesn’t stay nearby (however, not as far as Spain!) so it was great when she came to see us after Z was born and then after C was born. Just her being there helped a lot.

  5. Oh I love looking back at photos, that really is a gorgeous one – Definitely love at first hug! I love how perfect your Mum’s hair is x

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