White - The Theme Game

White – The Theme Game

This so nearly ended up as a totally irrelevant post all about food.  Then with some tweeting it moved to white food, eggs and rice pudding.  You needed to be there!  Any way this week is White – The Theme Game.

I could have added a quick link to my Snow post from yesterday – White! Then I was thinking about white food – wedding cake, oh no, can’t access those photo’s.  Then I thought White Christening gown!  I’ve got two black and white photos from my Christening and then some hard copies of Monkey’s – we both wore the same shawl.  As I went to dig my photos out, I looked on the shelf and found the perfect White – The Theme Game entry for this week.

White - The Theme GameThis box was put together by my friends as a memory box of my Hen weekend in August 2009.  It was a wonderful surprise and something I will treasure always. As you know I fell pregnant after our wedding was booked, I was 5 months pregnant on my hen weekend, no cocktail drinking for me, well not alcoholic ones anyway.

White - The Theme GameMy friends and I went down to London for an overnight stay at a hotel in Baker Street, THE Baker Street.  The hotel was putting on a Murder Mystery evening with a Twenties theme to it.  I love Flapper dresses, and adore Murder Mysteries, it was the perfect combination.  Even bump played ball, and hadn’t got too big.  I could actually hide bump quite well in my dress.  I felt almost normal, although I really did miss my G&T’s!

White - The Theme GameMy memory box contains an album, full of mementos from the weekend, full of photos of me and my friends having a lot of fun, lots of laughter. Lots of well wishes for the future.  I spent a weekend with a group of people who had seen me at my lowest point, seen me when size 8 clothes were literally falling off me.  Seen me when I was so unhappy, so not in control of my life.  They’d seen me have the courage to leave an impossible situation, they’d supported me without question, they’d watch ME come back.  As I sat down to dinner that night (does white camembert count too Iona/Jocelyn – private joke!) I looked around the table at true friends, a number who had never actually met before, but who had helped me in so many ways.  Everyone got on, everyone laughed and chatted the whole weekend away.

The Murder Mystery evening was brilliant, the main actor was hilarious, he had us all in stitches.

White - The Theme GameFor part of the performance he wore a white wig, I can’t remember why now, but you can see from this photo how much fun I was having at the time.

The lasting memory from this night, a night of numerous hen parties …….

I was known by all as the hen who had been plucked and stuffed!  You had to be there, to really understand how funny that was.

So whenever I’m feeling a bit woe is me, I just need to open this white box, to open the lid on a weekend of laughter, friendship and hope for a better future. I’m not a great one for living in people’s pockets, but I am a friend, if someone is in trouble, I will be there, no questions asked.  That box is full of friends, some of whom I rarely see these days, but all of whom are special to me.

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24 thoughts on “White – The Theme Game

  1. What a wonderful post and such happy memories. I love the little keepsake too. My sister made something similar for me-they’re special aren’t they. I love the fact that you and Monkey were both christened in the same shawl too.
    I’m slightly disappointed we didn’t get the post about white food though (?!) and yes Camembert would definitely fit the bill. Do love a good cheese 🙂 Thanks for sharing your memories with #TheThemeGame

  2. Such a lovely post! I love the idea you can open the lid on laughter like that, and it looks like you had a fabulous time! Thanks so much for sharing with #TheThemeGame (and yes, white Camembert totally counts!) x

  3. What a lovely post – and what a beautiful collection of memories to treasure xx #TheThemeGame

  4. You see, that’s what I love about #TheThemeGame, there are so many different interpretations. Really enjoyed reading this. I’ve always wanted to do a murder mystery but never got round to it.

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