Why a Cat Should Be Your 2020 Companion

Why a Cat Should Be Your 2020 Companion – AD paid collaborative post

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Why a Cat Should Be Your 2020 Companion

If you’ve been reading our posts about our kitten, or our guides on what to do with a new pet, you may feel the temptation to adopt a new furry feline companion. Now, let’s be clear, a cat is a responsibility. While cheaper and needing less maintenance than a dog, they still need love, money to care for them, and plenty of cuddles! 

With that said, here are some reasons why bringing a cat home may be right for you. 

  • They Lower Your Stress, Anxiety, and Improve Depression

Life is hard. We have bills to pay, jobs to finish, and even if everything is going well, depression can strike. A cat isn’t going to fix every problem you have with a flick of their tail, but they may be able to improve your emotions. Cats are quite calming. They spend the majority of their time sleeping, and they love to snuggle next to you. The feelings of their purrs, petting them, seeing a cat sleeping peacefully while you’re relaxing, all of these can improve your problems.

  • They Make You More Productive 

Having a cat around the house can make you feel more productive. For one thing, you have to get up and clean out their litter box daily, and if they haven’t been fed yet, they’ll let you know until you fill their bowl! Besides that, having a cat around seems to improve your workload quite a bit, especially if you’re someone who works at home. 

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  • They Build Up Your Kids’ Immunity 

Do you have a young child? Do cat allergies run in the family? If you said yes to both, a child being around a cat at a young age may help to improve their immunity against allergies. This makes sense. If your kid is exposed to cats at a young age, they can tolerate them much better than someone who hasn’t could. 

  • They’re Good for Your Heart 

Cats, when they’re at their cutest, definitely warm up your heart, but they can help heal your heart, too. It seems as though cat owners have a 30 per cent less chance of getting heart disease. Now obviously, there are many lifestyle choices and genetics that can play a part in your heart health, but cats are just one piece of the puzzle for a healthy heart. 

  • They May Help You Sleep Better (Or Not) 

This one is up in the air, and it may depend on your cat. Many cat owners swear by their pet’s ability to give the owner a good night’s rest. If you’re having trouble with sleep, perhaps a cat can help. Getting more sleep means better overall health, so that’s a worthy investment if we say so. 

However, there are some cat owners who say the cat causes a disturbance. From midnight meows to treating your belly like a trampoline, there are many ways a cat can hurt your ability to sleep. It depends on the cat and their behaviour. Even if you have a noisy cat, having one may benefit you. You may have to keep them far away from your bedroom, though. 

  • There Are Many Cats That Need Your Help 

Go to your shelter, and you’ll discover that there are quite a few homeless cats. From kittens to adults to seniors, you’ll find cats of all shapes and sizes, and there’s a chance you’ll meet a cat who picks you. That’s right. With cats, sometimes you’re the one who gets chosen. 

By adopting, you pay a small fee and they help to spay/neuter and keep them up to date on their shots. 

So with 2020, you may want to make your resolution to get a cat. Again, they’re not for everyone, but if you’ve been looking for a companion, there’s a good chance a cat is a purrfect companion. So get out there and see what cat you can find. 

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