Will you fuel your dreams with Sun-Pat peanut butter?

Will you fuel your dreams with Sun-Pat peanut butter? #SunPatDreams

Growing up it was always my brother who was the peanut butter fanatic in our household. But I do love nuts and have come to realise how versatile peanut butter is over the years. Will you fuel your dreams with Sun-Pat peanut butter? You could do exactly that you know.  Sun-Pat are offering two people the opportunity to live out their dream for the day alongside Olympic Gold medalist, Adam Peaty or TV presenter, Helen Skelton. Eight runners-up can win one years supply of Sun-Pat Peanut Butter and a £1,000 donation to a local group of their choice to ensure our future stars are equipped to achieve their own dreams.  What would your dream be?

Mine?  Well for myself, I want to be around to see my son grow up, fly the nest and live a happy, independent life, knowing I’m there if needed.  Being an older Mum, it’s always in the back of my mind that time may not be on my side, to see those dreams come true.  But I’m healthy and have always led an active life, and that’s also something I’m instilling in him.  Get outdoors, walk, run, have fun and dream.  Sun-Pat have carried out some research showing that four out of five people, with an active childhood, achieve their dreams. So I’m hoping that will ring true for both of us.

Will you fuel your dreams with Sun-Pat peanut butter?

For my son, I clearly want the best for him, I want him to be happy and follow his dreams. To believe in himself and know his worth.  Right now, my nearly 7-year-old dreams of being a steam train driver, or a model railway track designer.  He’s very earnest about these dreams and is building up an encyclopedic knowledge of all things train related.  We will see where the road leads him.

In the meantime we’ve had fun this week making some Sun-Pat peanut butter cookies. Even would-be train drivers need some help fuelling their dreams.  These are so simple to make,taste delicious and are full of protein and fibre.

Add 200g Sun-Pat peanut butter to 175g golden caster sugar and a pinch of salt, mix well and then combine with an egg to form a dough. Pre-heat the oven to 160 deg C and place small balls of dough on greased baking sheets.  Leave plenty of space between each cookie and press down with a fork.  Bake in the oven for 12-14 minutes, cool for 10 minutes. Enjoy on a walk in the woods!

Will you fuel your dreams with Sun-Pat peanut butter?

Will you fuel your dreams with Sun-Pat peanut butter? Would you like to climb Everest or canoe along the Amazon? The #SunPatDreams competition is running until 16th November 2016. Entry is via this link or via Facebook must be posted on the Sun-Pat Facebook page in the form of a comment on their pinned competition post, entries via Twitter or Instagram must include #SunPatDreams.

How do you enjoy your peanut butter?  I’ve seen a Cheesecake recipe I quite fancy, and we all love Satay sauce here.  I’ve always enjoyed walking and being outdoors, so Monkey’s known nothing else really.  We get out in the fresh air, whatever the weather, even if only for an hour.  It always makes us both feel so much better and ready to face anything.

disclosure:  I’ve been compensated for this post, but my comments remain my own, honest opinions

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