Wishing I was getting up at silly o’clock this weekend

There is only one real downside to being a stay at home mummy on a very tight budget – having to forgo tickets to the British Formula One Grand Prix.  This will be the second year running that I just have not been able to afford or justify the expense of my ticket 🙁

People around me know that by Friday they will need to tread on eggshells around me.  I will be rather grumpy by then.  I can’t help it, I’m used to getting up at silly o’clock, driving to my brother’s and being at the front of the queue at the main gate every day over the weekend.  Being part of the experience, the noise, the chaos.

Neither of us live too far from the track, which now actually makes the lack of money and therefore, ticket SO much worse!  My OH would buy me the ticket, but I know we just can’t afford it, so I take on the martyr roll!!!

So this weekend I won’t get to ask Alonso to sign my Ferrari cap again, but then, I won’t suffer the disappointment of him running past and signing nothing for anyone, again.  I was thrilled the year I actually got Massa to sign it – pride of place.  I’ve been lucky, I’ve met most of the drivers, and got them to sign my programme etc, even Schumi near the end of his career became more relaxed with us all.  I was, and still am a Kimi fan, (even if he’s not racing for Ferrari), he never signs anything!

I won’t suffer from ‘windburn’ and I won’t get soaked to the skin, I won’t get to elbow some ignorant prat out-of-the-way who decides to stand right in front of us as we’re trying to WATCH the race.  If you want a good view GET UP at silly o’clock like the rest of us.

I will, I’m sure get regular BBM messages from my brother telling me who he’s seen, how great the cars sounds and who’s looking good for the win.  I hope that I will get a message saying that Perez stopped and signed my nephew’s Perez McLaren top, to make his day.

I will wear my Ferrari kit with pride and hope for a good result from my boys.

I will watch the race on the BBC, thank god it’s not a flipping highlights programme.  I will jump up and down at the start and hope the Ferrari’s get to the front of the pack.  I will have 3 good night’s sleep, and I won’t need to get up until Monkey wakes up at 6.30am.  I would still rather be there, that’s my sacrifice for being a stay at home Mum.

5 thoughts on “Wishing I was getting up at silly o’clock this weekend

  1. The things you have to give up when you have kids hey! Just think in a few years you will be able to take monkey with you and get lots if pleasure out of seeing him enjoy something you love. Enjoy the race, even if you are only watching it on tv!

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