300 Fantastic Facts books range from Miles Kelly

300 Fantastic Facts books range from Miles Kelly

Monkey may still be lagging behind with his reading but this boy certainly does love information and the 300 Fantastic Facts books range from Miles Kelly has gone down rather well here.  The books are primarily aimed at children aged 7 years and over.

300 Fantastic Facts books range from Miles Kelly

The 300 Fantastic Facts books range from Miles Kelly consists of 4 books covering the topics of Bugs, Science, Ancient History and Earth.  Published earlier this month, these large paperback books have been providing Monkey with all sorts of facts and figures recently.

300 Fantastic Facts books range from Miles Kelly

The 300 Fantastic Facts – Bugs was always going to be a winner here, with the family interest in minibeasts.

The 128 page book, as with the others in the series is crammed full of information, photographs and clear illustrations.  The book is a really good source of reference and Monkey has spent ages looking through it recently.

There’s information on spiders, butterflies and moths as well as fact about blood thirsty bugs, which bugs burrow the best and so on. We’ve both been very impressed with the content.  Big thumbs up here.

Next up in the 300 Fantastic Facts books range from Miles Kelly is the History book which focuses on the Ancient Worlds of Greece, Rome and Egypt.

300 Fantastic Facts books range from Miles Kelly

My love affair with Egypt began at school when I learnt about Ancient Egypt and I can’t wait to share the journey with Monkey when he learns about it too.  The History 300 Fantastic Facts book is a great source to learn about all three of the ancient civilisations.

From the class hierarchy within Egypt, to Mummy making through the use of Hieroglyphics, the facts, pictures and photographs will help Monkey learn about my favourite ancient world.  For Ancient Greece he can read up about the Trojan Horse and the various Kings, Gods and all about the Olympic Games.  The section on Ancient Rome includes topics such as Gladiators, farming and Roman Baths.

In each of the 300 Fantastic Facts books range from Miles Kelly there are little quizzes through the books to test what children have learnt.

I can already see that Science will be an area that Monkey will enjoy at school, and this 300 Fantastic Facts book will be much referred to in the years ahead.

300 Fantastic Facts books range from Miles Kelly

Facts covered include Engine Power, Chemicals and Science in Nature as well as information on different scientists through the ages.  The Human Body is also covered, everything from how we breathe to muscle power and hair and nail.  Facts and figures galore along with great illustrations.

The last of the 300 Fantastic Facts books range from Miles Kelly covers Planet Earth in all its glory.

300 Fantastic Facts books range from Miles Kelly 12

Covering the planet Earth itself, its Oceans and its wonderful weather, the book is once again crammed with useful facts and is well illustrated.  We’ve looked at information on Caves and Fossils and how we can care for our planet.  There’s information on Rock Pools, ocean living animals and who and what rides waves.  The weather is a bit of a sore point at the moment isn’t it!  But the book covers the season, how and why they are different as well as looking at clouds and the changing climate.

Priced at £9.99 each (currently £7.49 on the Miles Kelly website) these are a great factual books, that will be well read here. Bring on the school projects, we are ready for you!

disclosure:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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300 Fantastic Facts books range from Miles Kelly 12

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300 Fantastic Facts EARTH book worth £9.99

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104 thoughts on “300 Fantastic Facts books range from Miles Kelly

  1. Love how volcanos are formed
    Find them so interesting and great to look at
    Lanzarote and mount teide in tenerife are the latest I’ve been to see

  2. I find it wondering how vast space is and how the old mariners navigated by the stars.

  3. The fact that in such a huge galaxy we are apparently the only planet capable of supporting human life (as far as we know) 🙂

  4. I find it amazing that there are still undiscovered things about planet Earth that need to be discovered! That, and wildlife.

  5. I find the most fascinating thing about the Earth is the great diversity of wildlife and how they have evolved to cope with the different conditions the earth has.

  6. I think it’s amazing that only 5% of the earths ocean has been explored, when the earth is 70% ocean

  7. what I find most intresting has to be animals, how the can vary from something so big yet small and all the clever adapting things they can do

  8. The most fascinating thing about the planet earth is the sheer number of different spieces that inhabit it. If evolution is correct we should all be heading the same direction but the diversity of animal and plant life keeps changing?

  9. ive been fascinated by crop circles for many years …still a total mystery how the are made :-))

  10. How diverse it is – how you can go from visiting a rainforest to a desert in less than 24 hours.

  11. The fact that elsewhere in the world it’s the night and people are asleep yet here it is the middle of the day, baffling!

  12. The thought that we don’t know everything, and that there is still more to be discovered.

  13. I love oceans, how undiscovered they are. We send probes to other planets yet we haven’t explored our own.

  14. i find it interesting how much water we have on earth and how many sea as not been explored

  15. That about 2/3 of Earth is water, yet we have to discover so much more about it – science is progressing in this, and I always find amazing things that are found in deep sea that we have never seen

  16. I find the weather really interesting it’s like magic and affects everyone and is so different all over the world!

  17. The oceans, which cover almost 71 percent of the Earth’s surface, contain close to 20 million tons of gold.

  18. The sheer size of the world and countries just amazes me and we only see a tiny piece of it generally

  19. I find the fact that we even exist mindblowing as planet earth has everything just right so that we can exist. Is that just a coincedence? who knows 🙂

  20. I think it’s amazing that the Earth has so many cycles. It is in a constant state of destruction and rebirth. I actually find that somewhat comforting.

  21. I find the weather totally fascinating, it amazes me how temperatures and conditions vary so much

  22. I find Rainbows fascinating – they are both beautiful and reveal lots of interesting science.

  23. All the different species of animals and plants that thrive on Earth. It blows my mind that we are constantly discovering new species everyday.

  24. Sorry, reminder to self do not let toddlers help you on your laptop lol, meant to say I find waterfalls etc totally amazing

  25. I find it mad that dinosaurs used to rule the earth before us and just how they died out and how the earth changed.

  26. What do you find most fascinating about planet Earth and why? . . . . geology . . . . it’s so fascinating to see all the different rocks and how they were formed all those millions of years ago

  27. Everything about planet Earth is awe inspiring. Since my 2 year old Grandson was born, it has made me more aware of my surroundings. Things you totally take forgranted, the Seasons for example, how beautiful trees are etc etc. It is a never ending cycle.

  28. Nature! How it works together each plant and creature big or small seem to have a purpose

  29. This would be perfect for my science love son who is 5. He is currently home school. Thanks for marking this possible. Now he will find answer for his numerous questions.

  30. all the wonders and that no one really knows how it started and there is still millions of things to find!

  31. The variety of terrain – the fact one planet can be so diverse and support so much life, due largely to the variety of terrain!

  32. Everything about this earth is a mystery, and we are always learning new facts, and finding things from ancient times and how people used to live, its all fascinating stuff. and now we are going above and beyond.

  33. I love the oceans, they are so mysterious there are still parts undiscovered full of amazing creatures

  34. I find gravity amazing. An amazing force, keeping everybody and everything from falling into space.

  35. I am fascinated about how the Earth was formed and our future. The Science of the Earth fascinates me and how all the unique wildlife found on this planet are connected, All wildlife and plants on this planet need eachother to surive. I also love the sheer beauty of Earth. I’m definitely a person who sees myself as Global citizen and sees past borders, there are such beautiful places in all countries. I’d love to be able to travel the world one day.

  36. I think its fascinating how gravity works and the speed at which we are spinning round but we don’t feel a thing

  37. The earths crust….because I remember being petrified during an experience of an earthquake!!

  38. I find everything fascinating about planet Earth. I’m amazed at how dinosaurs existed as well!

  39. the fact that we have a layer around us (the atmosphere) and it keeps everything in, yet a rocket can penetrate is, it’s just interesting

  40. It’s fascinating me how much the earth can nurture us and all the species which are exiled or exist now. I always find it interesting to read about New species and new places.

  41. What fascinates me about Earth is how it has changed over centuries. All the continents used to be together and gradually drifted apart to make 7 separate continents! I wonder what it will look like in the future?

  42. I find it fascinating that the Earth isn’t round. Centrifugal force pushes outwards at Earth’s equator giving it a slight wasteline.

  43. The fact there are so many different species and sub species of so many living things
    Its a wonderful world

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