Articulate and Articulate for Kids

Articulate and Articulate for Kids – a double giveaway worth £52.98!

Articulate and Articulate for Kids Time to kick off September in style with a double giveaway thanks to the lovely team at Drumond Park.  I can offer one lucky reader Articulate and Articulate for Kids! Articulate and Articulate for Kids Articulate and Articulate for Kids Articulate for Kids has been updated ahead of this Christmas, and is aimed at children aged 6-12 years and can be played with 4-12 players. Priced at £19.99 it is the junior version of the hugely popular Articulate! The adult version has been in the UK Adult Board Games Top 10 for more than 20 years.  It is aimed at those aged 12 years and over, for 4-20 players and retails at £32.99. Articulate and Articulate for Kids

Articulate for Kids can be played by a group of children by themselves (or with grown-ups), or alongside Articulate! for hours of multi-generational family fun.  Many educationalists also choose to incorporate the game into entertaining learning strategies in the classroom to promote speaking skills – adapting game play according to small or larger numbers of children in play.

Both games follow the same simple format…  How quickly can you define a word – from the categories Object, Nature, Person, Action, World and Random – without actually saying it?  In each round, the teams divide their members into ‘Describers’ and ‘Guessers’.  The timer is started, and the Describers take it in turns to describe their way through as many question card entries, from the different categories, as possible to their team members – the Guessers – within a 30-second time limit.

For more information about these games and others from Drumond Park, along with stockist information please visit the Drumond Park website.

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Articulate and Articulate for Kids games bundle worth over £50.00

261 thoughts on “Articulate and Articulate for Kids – a double giveaway worth £52.98!

  1. I have always loved scrabble – we have always played it in our house. I used to love the Game of Life when I was a child x

  2. I love Monopoly as it is last for ages and and it is fun buying houses and hotels and passing by many of London’s famous landmarks!

  3. I love Monopoly as it is last for ages and and it is fun buying houses and hotels and passing by many of London’s famous landmarks! Thanks

  4. I love Monopoly as it is last for ages and and it is fun buying houses and hotels! I played it as a child myself!

  5. Cluedo – I have always loved it – my daughter got the junior one last year for Christmas and its great fun too!

  6. We love Payday, it is not available any more but you decide the length of game and it is great to win as much money as you can

  7. UPWORDS . Its chalenging, addictive and fun. It gets my friends and family together on many a joyful evening especially on those cold or wet winter nights. We all enjoy it more than scrabble.

  8. I love Trivial Pursuit, it keeps my brain working as I get older 😉 We play it every Christmas and it’s a tradition I look forward to every year 🙂 x

  9. Love monopoly , have always played it form a kid and still love it now, especially all the different versions you can get now . awesome x

  10. We’re big pictionary fans, probably because none of us are what you’d call artists and the results can be hilarious.

  11. Payday – we loved it when the neice/nephew were younger and now we’ve got a great-niece it has been brought out again. Great fun and quite easy to play. We especially liked “doing the lottery” on there.

  12. I love scattergories.. its fun with the children to get them thinking & even funnier in the evening with friends

  13. My favourite is Cluedo but we hardly ever play it as my kids are too young and my other half prefers Monopoly. Our most played as a family at the moment is Orchard game Shopping List.

  14. Trivial Pursuit – it reminds me of family christmas’ round my nans we used to play it every year not that I was very good, but was fun.

  15. Backgammon. I was taught to play by my Grandmother, and now I play with my Grandchildren, all taught by me.

  16. I love Monopoly because it’s super satisfying when you win! But my other half HATES it so I rarely get to play :S

  17. Been playing Ludo and Snakes and Ladders, the only 2 board games I had as a child, for over 60 years. Never tire of them although I love trying out some of the fantastic new ones 🙂

  18. I have always loved scrabble. It helped my children when they were very young and learning to spell although I found it extra hard trying to fit words around their 3 or 4 letter words. It become a lot easier as they grew older and we still take the scrabble board away with us on our caravan holidays and encourage the grandchildren to take part

  19. Scrabble, as it’s a fun way of teaching children to spell, and also great to compete with older family members!

  20. We love the Logo game and I really like trivial pursuit, but the logo game is great because all the kids can join in too

  21. We like Payday. Its short and sweet meaning even little ones can play til the end of the rounf without losing interest

  22. I love Monopoly – there’s just something about it that I love more than any other board game. It reminds me of rainy Sunday afternoons as a kid, and playing with my dad and brothers 🙂

  23. Articulate always creates hysterics in our family – amazing how much can be revealed by the associations that are brought to mind first when trying to describe something under pressure! My recent favourite is courtesy of my brother-in-law, in trying to describe ‘ferment’ – ‘what you do when you are trying to make a baby!’

  24. love game of life as it was my favorite childhood game and cant wait to play it with my son when he is old enough xx

  25. we love Pandemic, its a game where you work together to try and cure outbreaks of diseases before they spread and become epidemic and before they kill the world! – it can be played in different levels of hardness, and often it kicks our bum, it can be quite fast at spreading and can cause us players a bit of mad panic! its great fun!!

  26. Frustration although I’m not sure if it’s classed as a board game. I love it’s pure chance but then when I’m playing with my sister and my niece and I gang up on her to send her pieces home it’s so funny!!

  27. For me it is monopoly, we always have a game on Boxing Day, even though my dad isn’t allowed to play any more due to his cheating tendencies!!!!!

  28. It has to be Cranium Wow, it’s such a great game to play with both family and friends, and really gets you moving!

  29. We play lots of board games but we love monopoly and most recently have discovered cranium, really funny to watch people acting

  30. I love Cranium, it has a mix of activities and good for everyone as well as being a good laugh

  31. I love Monopoly because you can be tactical but sometimes it’s just up to chance, either way as long as I’m winning it’s great, otherwise it’s just an excuse for an argument!

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  34. It has always been Sorry! in our family because it is suitable for young and old and the children just love playing it.

  35. I like Chess, it always brings back memories of a rainy holiday when my dad taught my brother & I how to play.

  36. I love all versions of Monopoly, great family game that helps children with maths and money skills.

  37. My fav at the moment is Disney Monopoly i get to play Monoploy and the kids love the Disney element, everyone is happy

  38. We love playing the Lego board games as a family. The fact that you can build and change them gives them a constant appeal.

  39. Snakes and Ladders – easy game for young children to learn – and gives them the interest to go on to more complex games.

  40. Monopoly- as a I was taught to play by my parents and we played every Sunday afternoon- I remember it as a wonderful quality time each week when I had both parents to myself !!

  41. I loved Go For Broke as a child as I always had a decent chance of winning against my two older sisters

  42. Settlers of Catan. It’s a bit of an unusual one, but it brings back some great memories of playing it at uni!

  43. I love Trivial Pursuit – traditionally play it with my brother over Christmas and now some of my children are old enough to join in. Have also got Trivial Pursuit for Kids but some of the TV questions are rather outdated now!

  44. I love guess who I used to play it with my granny who sadly passed over the rainbow bridge when I was six but I hAve great memories of that game

  45. Has to be Scrabble, so much fun trying to convince others that weird random words DO exist.

  46. I love Cludeo. We used to sit around the table and play for hours when I was little and now I do the same with my children, great fun and many laughs x

  47. Monopoly as I always played it with my mum and sister as a child, and need to get a good board game for family time for my two children xxxx

  48. Monopoly or cluedo, both games that we all sat down to play together as a family when I was younger.

  49. monopoly, always gets everyone playing passionately!! (with a few arguements too!) Also like playing downfall with the kids 🙂

  50. I used to love the game don’t panic when i was younger, it really used to make me and my friends laugh 🙂 oh the memories!!

  51. love scrabble trying to make up words on the fly and the amazement to see it actually in the dictionary

  52. Snakes and ladders was my favourite as it was a game of chance so all ages had the same opportunity to win.

  53. I love settlers of cat an because its a game that involves strategy and thinking and I love how it changes every time you play.

  54. Monopoly, because my husband is hilariously competitive and barters endlessly until he owns all properties – takes it very seriously!!

  55. I like scrabble when playing with my other half as I like to beat him, and game of life with the kids as it doesn’t take too long, but they enjoy it.

  56. My favourite has to be Monopoly, I used to play it as a child with my eldest brother and my Mum and Dad, loved it back then and enjoy playing it with my children now 🙂

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