Barbecue Party

Barbecue Party – review and giveaway

The sun’s out and we’ve decided to have a Barbecue Party with a difference.  No washing up for me at the end of it!  This fun game was launched by Drumond Park a while back and is aimed at children aged 4 years and over.

Barbecue Party

Barbecue Party is designed to be played with 2-4 players and Monkey and I have been testing it out recently.  The game comes with a barbecue and grill, 2 pairs of 8 different foods, stickers for eyes, playing cards, tongs and instructions.

Barbecue Party

We gave the various food playing pieces their eyes before setting up the barbecue ready for our party game.

Barbecue Party

Follow the instructions to set the barbecue and grill up ready for play, ensuring the surface is flat.

Barbecue Party

The idea of the game is to be the first person to take 3 pieces of food off the barbecue. Place the playing cards out face down and take turns to pick up playing cards.  The card gives you a piece of food which needs to be put on or taken off the barbecue.

Barbecue Party

Can you place your food without making the grill jump?

Pick the Joker card and you can put on or take off any piece of food you like.

When you pick a card and decide to take that piece of food off the grill, once removed with the tongs, you place the food on the relevant card.  Only 2 more to get, to win the game.

Barbecue Party

Unusually Barbecue Party isn’t over if the grill jumps, sending the food everywhere.  Any food that had been on the grill is put back on the pile, as well as any food held in the thongs at the time.  The person causing the spill misses a go.

We’ve really enjoyed playing this game, play is fairly quick, set up is easy and no batteries are required.  It’s a fum game to play at any time of year, but even more so when the weather is good and barbecues are in full swing.

For £19.99 Barbecue Party is a great family game and a winner here. For stockists and to play games online, visit

Barbecue Party

disclosure: we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review.

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Barbecue Party game worth £19.99

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202 thoughts on “Barbecue Party – review and giveaway

  1. My favourite bbq food is a lovely big burger. I eat a gluten free diet so it’s a real treat when I can get gluten free burgers and rolls for a bbq.

  2. I love homemade burgers! They are so tasty and you can put it all sorts that you want for flavour.

  3. Sausages i just love them and with all the different flavors you can get now its wonderful and when they are barbecued they taste even better

  4. Garlic King Prawn Kebabs because they are absolutely delicious and nobody else in my family likes king prawns, so I get them all!!!

  5. I love chicken kebabs with peppers and onions, 3 of my fav foods on 1 skewer, what’s not to love?

  6. I love salmon and also kebab skewers, because its a little different to the burger and sausage sometimes x

  7. BBQ chicken drumsticks because they’re quick, easy and the kids I childmind in the holidays love to get involved in making them

    1. with butter on as it tastes so much nicer on the BBQ, not a gas one it has to be proper charcoal!

  8. Chicken kebab, delicious. I do like green, red and yellow peppers which tend to be included on kebabs with onion and of course chicken.

  9. I love prawn, pineapple, mango and red pepper skewers. I love the colours and taste and its a bit different to have on a bbq 🙂

  10. I love a good quality burger as they taste amazing in a sesame seed roll & covered in ketchup!

  11. I love sausages for a hotdog served with loads of fried onion, don’t know why its y favourite, but you cant beat the lovely bbq taste

  12. I love home made burgers because they are so much tastier than shop bought, it’s not often we do have them so a a lovely treat when we do x

  13. If I’m cooking then it’s sausages and burgers as they are so easy but if I’m at someone else’s BBQ then I love a nice spicy rib or marinated chicken 😉

  14. juicy burgers, im not normally a fan of burger but when they are done on the BBQ they have the charcoal taste and i could live on them!

  15. I love sweet chilli king prawns mainly because they are so tasty but also because I like to choose healthy options

  16. Bbq pineapple – I love the way it caramelises, and the bbq adds a smoky flavour to the sweet! Yummy!

  17. BBQ’d banana’s 🙂 sweet and tasty … not a lot of people have tried them…. they should! they’re delicious xx

  18. What is your favourite barbecue food and why? . . . . . . skewered chicken and veg for tasty variety

  19. I love chicken drumsticks with either a barbeque or sweet chilli marinade! Making me peckish just thinking about it!

  20. Sausages – very well done (on the borderline of being burnt) and made by our local butcher. They have won prizes and are very tasty.

  21. Lamb burgers because I don’t have them any other time except from a barbecue and they’re so tasty.

  22. Peppers because they are so delicious BBQd, and they taste completely different to doing them in any other form – lovely and BBQy (strangely enough!)

  23. it has to be burgers for me, because they are what makes a BBQ for me and they always taste best when cooked on a BBQ

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