Blog Birthday Giveaway - Horrid Henry

Blog Birthday Giveaway – Horrid Henry

My blog is celebrating its first birthday this month but Horrid Henry is celebrating his 20th birthday! So we have a special Blog Birthday Giveaway – Horrid Henry set to offer to you today!

Orion Star have offered a couple of their great Early Reader books featuring Horrid Henry for today’s giveaway.

Blog Birthday Giveaway - Horrid Henry Blog Birthday Giveaway - Horrid Henry

The Early Readers are aimed at children aged 5 years and over, although Monkey has enjoyed me reading them to him for some months now.  We were introduced to Horrid Henry just before Christmas – he went down well!

A Horrid Factbook: Horrid Henry’s Animals by Francesca Simon is the seventh Horrid Henry fact book.  You’ll learn about smells and all sorts or freaky trivia in the alternative animal fact file! 

Horrid Henry’s Sleepover by Francesca Simon sees Horrid Henry causing havoc again, when does he do anything else?  It’s never going to be a quiet sleepover with Henry on the guest list.  Any Horrid Henry fan is going to love this new edition.

For your chance to win this set of two Horrid Henry books just complete the rafflecopter below.  Good luck!


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The giveaway will close on 21st March 2014 at midnight.

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153 thoughts on “Blog Birthday Giveaway – Horrid Henry

  1. I’d love to see him getting up to mischief at an A list red carpet event – it would be great if he could trip up a few celebs or lift up some skirts to show big support pants etc!

  2. I’d love to see him getting up to mischief at an A list red carpet event – it would be great if he could trip up a few celebs or lift up some skirts to show big support pants etc! Thank you for the giveaway!

  3. I’d like to see him get up to mischief at the London Aquarium because there are lots of opportunities there to be mischievious.

  4. Horrid Henry – mmmm, my kids love this, – just asked my son and he said he would like to see him jumping of the Eiffel tower (with a parachute) after throwing stink bombs at everybody from the top 🙂

  5. My children think it would be funny if Horrid Henry had a visit from a boy that was even naughtier than him :o)

  6. Causing trouble in London I went the other day without my little boy and I would love to take him there soon

  7. I would love to see him on a schhol field trip to a museum or somewhere that requires him to be wellbehaved and quiet for a change

  8. Mwahhhahhahh what an evil challenge! Every Saturday night, our next door neighbours have karaoke – they sing erasure “respect” over and over and over and over again … Wouldn’t it be nice if horrid Henry paid them a visit 🙂
    Emma x (@beachpebble)

  9. I’d like to see Henry cast a magic spell on all of the adults in the World, the result of which would be they’d all act more like children; innocent and have lots of fun, and they’d be honest and kind and the World would be a better place for everyone. 🙂

  10. I would like to see Horid Henry come to my work and create some mischief…at least work might be a bit more exciting for one day!!!

  11. I’d like to see him getting into mischief at the zoo, or perhaps see some ingenious ideas if he were shipwrecked on a desert island – briefly!

  12. I would love to see Horrid Henry take a trip to the House of Commons – perhaps he could help them fill in their expense claims!!

  13. My 2 year old says playing with Pongo the dustbin cat (an imaginary cat who eats out of dustbins!!!)

  14. Horrid Henry should go fishing
    As a sport it isn’t fast
    He would soon loose interest
    and get in trouble, what a blast

  15. I’d love to see him getting up to mischief in houses of Parliament, maybe put a smile on some of the bores their.

  16. Work in a Blue Chip Corporate and then a shop to see the difference of what he can get up to – naming the episode – Mischief Comparison wear tie, buy tie

  17. I would just love Henry to discover girls it could transform him! My eldest (14) has and it’s so funny at times seeing how it’s changing him

  18. The House of Commons so he could behave like a naughty schoolboy just like all those MPs at question time

  19. Take your son to work day!!!!! I’m sure he could make the day brighter for all of us… or get us the sack!!!!!!

  20. Oooo id love to see him have a younger sister ‘Faultless Felicity’ or something, who gets up to loads of mischief and has the blame always land on Henry

  21. I would like to seehim get a little plot of land and tend some easy to grow vegetables on it.

  22. Causing mayhem in the Houses of Parliament – watching different MP’s trying to catch him!!

  23. I’d like to see Horrid Henry visit Hollywood and get mistaken for someone famous. He’s be great at getting into expensive mischief & it would be great to see some celebs feature too!

  24. I would love him to meet my 3 boys because I think they would give him a good run for his money!!!!

  25. Cause mayhem and embarrassment in the public toilets …… my son can show him how *sigh*

  26. I would like to see Horrid Henry come to my house, would love to see my grandson mentioned in on of the books

  27. An exchange student comes to stay at horrid henrys home, I’m sure he would have a field day with that.

  28. A day at my kid’s School….. lets see if he can cause mayhem with their strict head teacher!

  29. i think hed be good at interviewing celebs! being rude and cheeky to them might be rather funny 🙂 x

  30. Become a England footballer and be a role model for the rest of the team. englnd might win something then

  31. I’d like to see him being good for a change and being a positive influence on my little boy! 😉

  32. Like to see him eating so many sweets that he can’t move!
    I’d like to have a go also 🙂

  33. my grandson is a big horrid henry fan.and im sure his mum wouldnt mind reading these books to him. come to think of it i wouldnt mind reading them to him as well

  34. horrid henry in wonderland – that queen of hearts would soon sort him out – OFF WITH HIS HEAD! 😉

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